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How to Wear Pink in the Fall with Burgundy, Olive, Rust, or Teal/Peacock Blue

Following up on my previous post about wearing pink in the fall with neutrals, today I am turning to some semi-neutrals or colored neutrals that can make great autumn outfits when worn with pink.

The pink items from my wardrobe worn with semi-neutrals is a bit different from the ones I wore with neutrals. Blush pink is well-represented, which makes sense because with its very muted quality, it is a semi-neutral color itself! Dusky rose, light pink, and berry items are also included. My blush pink floral skirt is such a versatile piece because it has a lot of different colors...particularly neutrals and the floral print against the blush pink background. But a solid pink skirt would also work in these outfits.

Chambray floral dress + sandstone coral cardigan-Plus size summer outfit idea for women over 40

Let's look at some of my prior outfits of the day featuring the pink + semi-neutral color combinations.

Pink + Burgundy/Wine

As we discussed in the color formula and color wheel post last winter, pink is a light Red or Red-Violet color on the color wheel, and burgundy/wine is a dark Red-Violet, so pink + burgundy is an easy monochromatic/analogous color combination. These light/blush pinks are a great companion to burgundy, but darker and brighter pinks can work really well too.

OOTD #1 is entirely in shades of blush pink and burgundy with the floral skirt adding some print interest. The blush pink T has small gold stars, which makes for a subtle print mix with the floral skirt and was the reason I chose a gold necklace to finish the look.

OOTD #2 uses the same "blush pink + burgundy + print with pink and burgundy" color combination as the previous outfit, just with different pieces. I chose my pewter metallic loafers because they have a pink tinge to them, then added DIY paper and glass bead bracelets along with silver and rose gold spacer bracelets (from Amazon).

I don't think I've seen this particular style of tying a scarf on any of the dozens of "99 ways to wear a scarf" articles I've read, but no doubt it's out there somewhere. I was inspired to try this because I wanted to figure out a way to wear the scarf that didn't cover up the cute rabbits on the sweater. I pulled the scarf out like I was going to drape it around my neck, then I twisted it loosely (so the fabric wouldn't bunch up too much when worn) and tied a double-knot (like a square knot) to create a gently twisted loop with two long tails. I arranged the knot on one shoulder and let the tails drape down, one to the front and one to the back. I personally didn't find this too fiddly to deal with over the course of the day, mostly spent working at my computer, but you could use a brooch/pin/etc. to hold it in place on the shoulder if you wanted. You can adjust how large you want the loop around your neck to be; I went with a larger loop so (1) it wasn't too warm/constricting and (2) so I could arrange it with some width for a slight boatneck effect.

OOTD #3 is straight up another example of the blush pink rabbit sweater with the wine pants! When you find a combination you like, you are free to wear it again and again (with slight tweaks like I did here or as an exact repeat). This sweater is one of my high priority/loved items to wear this fall/winter/spring, and I know I will be wearing it with burgundy again. I really like this color formula with a lighter value color on top and a darker value version of the same/similar color on bottom. I can see it working with so many different colors! This muted pink head to toe look is a bit like low-key Barbiecore for grown women with soft coloring and a rabbit obsession.

In OOTD #4, I expanded a bit on the pink + burgundy color combo to include a neutral as well, picking up the navy from the print using Road Map styling. Adding a neutral is always a nice option for toning down the color quotient of an outfit. I love color and my personal coloring can tolerate quite a lot of it, but even I like to add neutrals to my outfits.

Pink + Olive

I love this color combination in every season, but I think it's particularly great for fall and spring because it has an earthy nature quality reminiscent of fallen leaves on grass...

St Paul, Minnesota - 2022

Or flower blooms and leaves.

Missouri Botanical Gardens - 2017

OOTD #5 takes the blush pink + burgundy combination from the previous section and adds olive to it for a rich autumnal outfit. The print scarf ties these colors together for a highly integrated look, but the colors would also look marvelous colorblocked with no bridge piece.

OOTD #6 uses the same color palette in a different way with the floral print skirt acting as the bridge piece. (The star print blush T and floral skirt are actually the same base pieces as in OOTD #1.) Pink flats instead of tights + boots reinforce the pink and make this outfit a good choice for early fall.

OOTD #7 has the same floral skirt and olive cardigan as OOTD #6 accompanied by the darker, richer colors I associate with cooler fall weather. Black makes an appearance in the top and tights, the boots are maroon leather, and the scarf is a deep intense magenta pink. Against these deeper value items, the blush pink skirt really stands out, which is an effect I like.

If these pink + olive outfits have seemed very layered up and complicated, OOTD #8 with its simple berry pink T + olive pants might be more your style. I tend to go for an integrated look with a print that bridges my outfit's colors, but colorblocking is also a wonderful option. I can't think of a shade of pink that wouldn't look good colorblocked with olive.

OOTD #9 features the same navy floral top + light pink scarf combo from OOTD #4 but uses chambray and olive instead of navy and burgundy for the blazer and pants, respectively. I wore this outfit a couple weeks ago, and while I'd been planning to wear the navy blazer again, I wanted to give my chambray blazer a last hurrah before the cooler fall weather hit. A blue denim jacket would be another great alternative.

Pink + Rust

For an in-depth discussion and outfit inspiration for rust with many different shades of pink, check out my rust color combos post featuring pink from last fall. This is an unusual but highly effective color scheme that I have not worn nearly as much as I could!

But I can offer OOTD #10 featuring the blush pink floral skirt (yep, again) with a rust jacket, shamrock green scarf, and black riding boots in a quintessential fall outfit. In this look, the blush pink and black function as the neutrals with green and rust as the accents. I admit that this combination with the bright green scarf probably wouldn't work as well if the skirt were a solid instead of a print. However, I think a blush pink + rust + olive/forest green colorblock combo could be really great.

Pink + Teal/Peacock Blue

Of the four semi-neutrals in this post, teal/peacock blue with pink is the least traditionally autumnal-feeling combo, as evidenced by my finding only one fall OOTD in my archives featuring it. But I think this color scheme has a lot of promise for creating outfits year-round. To give it a stronger fall vibe, a muted darker pink is a terrific choice, but really, any pink could work, especially if the pink + teal are grounded with a darker neutral. Wouldn't a darker wash of denim look great?

However, for OOTD #11, I went full-in with pink + peacock blue. I chose the dusky rose cardigan and peacock blue pants first, then looked for a scarf to tie the colors together. This floral scarf had a marvelous muted color scheme with shades of pink, mint, and rust against the dusky teal background. It didn't "match" the pants but coordinated well enough. The flowers are edged in black, so I wore black shoes and used a black scarf ring. In retrospect, I do wonder why I wore a white top instead of a black one, since that's the obvious choice! Actually, I think a blush pink top would also be great underneath this cardigan. My dream for this cardigan is to eventually find a top in the same color...or a lighter version of make a modern twin set. Until then, I really should try blush pink because that might be close enough.

Do you have a favorite color to pair with pink? Do you wear multiple shades of pink (or another color) in the same outfit?

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