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My Scarf 2022 Capsule Wardrobe: December Additions + Wearing Red Plaid After Christmas

We're a few days into January now so it's past time to wrap up our 2022 capsule wardrobe with our final winter additions!

For this December-into-January period, I had warm and snuggly options on my mind...and I wanted to have some nice wintry fabrics, colors, and prints that would work for Christmas.

Outfit #1 brings a classic cable knit sweater (this one is a midweight cotton) and navy corduroy midi skirt into the wardrobe. The navy scarf with the white rabbit print is a must-have for this capsule. These stacked faux pearl earrings always make me think of snowmen, perfect for December. The glass pearl bracelet is one of my first non-seed bead bracelet designs that I put together from random beads in a bulk purchase from Amazon. And rather than add yet another pair of boots to the capsule, I styled this outfit with the tall cognac boots added last month; when you spend good money on leather boots, it makes sense to me to wear them on repeat rather than buying a lot of different pairs. (Of course remember to give your shoes/boots a day to air out between wearings to extend their life.)

Plus size capsule wardrobe for women over 40 in navy, white, red, and pink
December Additions - Outfit #1

Ivory cable pullover sweater - Karen Scott/Macy's - 3X - $9.96 - 7/2020

Navy corduroy skirt - CJ Banks - 24W - $11.99 - 7/2020

White faux pearl "snowman" earrings - ?

Navy rabbit scarf - Amazon - gift - 12/2019

Dull red glass pearl/gold bracelet - made by me - summer 2021

From November: Tall cognac boots - Sam Edelman/Nordstrom - $126.60 - 11/2014

Outfit #2 uses the same corduroy skirt with a long-sleeved T, tights, and ankle boots (from the January additions) all in navy to create a column of color as the base of the outfit. This light red cardigan is one of the last wool items in my closet; I am increasingly sensitive to wool and even cashmere (i.e., I get itchy) so I've let items go without replacing them. But this sweater still works for me if I wear a long-sleeved top under it. I accessorized this look simply with sapphire studs, a lapis lazuli bead bracelet, and a gold-tone tassel necklace (which is definitely an MVP in my wardrobe with 76 wears).

Plus size capsule wardrobe for women over 40 in navy, white, red, and pink
December Additions - Outfit #2

Navy long-sleeved drapey V neck T - Sonoma/Kohls - 3X - $6.79 - 11/2022

Same as above: Navy corduroy skirt - CJ Banks - 24W - $11.99 - 7/2020

Light red wool cardigan - thrifted, Lands End - 2X - $5.24 - 2/2018

Blue sapphire stud earrings - gift

Long gold tassel necklace - Kohls - $20.00 - 12/2014

Round lapis lazuli bead bracelet - made by me - summer 2022

From January: Navy ankle boots - Seychelles/Zappos - $140.00 - 10/2014

Now for a couple of casual outfits using trouser jeans for the wide leg silhouette that is currently trending. Outfit #3 is another navy/dark blue column with a variety of textures and a bit of print mixing for interest. The red scarf adds a welcome pop of color. The DIY bracelet stack pulls together the navy, white, and red colors of the outfit.

Plus size capsule wardrobe for women over 40 in navy, white, red, and pink
December Additions - Outfit #3

Navy fleece top - gift

Medium wash trouser jeans - thrifted, CJ Banks - 22W - $7.49 - 10/2018

Navy/white geometric print quilted vest - thrifted, CJ Banks - 2X - $9.99 - 12/2018

Red/white snowflake paper tube bracelet; white 5mm glass bead bracelet; navy/white heart paper tube bracelet - made by me

Red scarf - Target - $12.00 - 12/2013

Blue leopard Oxfords - C Label/6pm - $14.00 - 11/2013

Outfit #4 is a very casual, stay-at-home Christmas outfit suited for those of us in cold climates with a fleece top, quilted vest, and faux-fur lined slippers with full coverage.

Plus size capsule wardrobe for women over 40 in navy, white, red, and pink
December Additions - Outfit #4

Red fleece top - gift

Medium wash trouser jeans - thrifted, CJ Banks - 22W - $7.49 - 10/2018

White quilted vest - Croft & Barrow/Kohls - 2X - $16.74 - 12/2019

Dark blue seed bead/tassel necklace - made by me - summer 2021

White Christmas ornament scarf - Kohls - $8.49 - 11/2015

White seed bead bracelets - made by me - summer 2020

Red slippers - Lands End - ?

I always end up wearing this white Christmas ornament scarf at least once during the holiday season every year. This year I built my Christmas Eve outfit around it, going with the red + black color palette. Here you can see the red/white snowflake paper bead bracelet from Outfit #3 above in its original red/green Christmas-y DIY bracelet set.

Plus size winter outfit idea for women over 40

For today's feature garment, I am sharing 3 OOTD from my archives based on the navy corduroy skirt. I bought this skirt in February 2021 but only wore it a couple times until this fall/winter (I didn't wear skirts much in the cold weather during the lockdown era). I've really been enjoying it this year. My husband hates the sound of corduroy so I don't wear corduroy pants, but this skirt is mercifully noiseless and met with his approval. I like the midi length, the single inverted box pleat in the front, and the pockets. (Christopher & Banks currently has this skirt in straight and petite sizes in a warm brown color. Not affiliate links.)

OOTD #1 features an ivory sweater and print scarf, similar to Outfit #1 above, but I was able to wear flats and no tights with it before the weather got too cold.

Plus size winter outfit idea for women over 40

OOTD #2 is a good representation of how the skirt looks with the tall cognac boots. I really like the midi skirt + tall boots combination (which by awesome coincidence, Jodie just blogged a couple days ago), and this is one of my favorite OOTD using the concept. I think the colors and silhouettes/proportions on this one worked out very well.

Plus size winter outfit idea for women over 40

OOTD #3 shows the navy tights and ankle boots option, which I wore with a variety of shades of blue and a pretty floral scarf for some print mixing with the striped top. I like the added interest from the marl knit vest, too. This is also the rare OOTD where you can see one of my DIY braided t-shirt fabric bracelets made from the braid leftover from a headband.

Plus size winter outfit idea for women over 40

I am belatedly adding one more item to the capsule this year because it fits so well with the wardrobe's color palette and the "warm + Christmas-y" theme of the month. Lands End had a great sale in December, which is my birthday month, so I bought myself several things at terrific prices, including this red/navy/green mixed plaid tunic sweatshirt for $6.89 (plus, straight; not affiliate links). Here's how I wore it on Christmas Day...with dark wash skinny jeans, a green scarf, and navy floral Keds (and layered over a white LS T). The sweatshirt is generously sized and tunic length, so leggings or skinnies is the way to go here, I think.

Plus size winter outfit idea for women over 40

By coincidence, I already had a DIY bracelet set that includes a red plaid paper tube bead bracelet from an image of this sweatshirt in the Lands End catalog, so I didn't even have to make a customized bracelet set for it. I just added the DIY green/silver bead bracelet to the set to make a daily stack that coordinates with the sweatshirt.

Plus size winter outfit idea for women over 40

I wore green/silver earrings and a blue headband...which, oddly enough, is actually the DIY braided t-shirt headband I referred to earlier when showing the blue braided bracelet in OOTD #3.

Plus size winter outfit idea for women over 40

Keds may sound like a crazy shoe option for Christmas in Minnesota, but since my husband and I were staying in our apartment for the day, I didn't have to make a practical snow-compatible choice. And this floral design was just a perfect print mix with the plaid sweatshirt.

Plus size winter outfit idea for women over 40

When you buy a red plaid item like this, it does make you wonder whether it will be weird to keep wearing it after Christmas is over. Is it something you wear in the couple weeks up to Christmas Day and then set aside until the next holiday season (as I do with that Christmas ornament scarf) or can you continue to wear it throughout the winter?

In a conversation on this topic at Over 50 Feeling 40, many readers said they would continue wearing red and/or green plaids through the winter (i.e., through February). Most of those who felt it had Christmas connotations agreed with Pamela that they associate it strongly with Christmas because the plaids are so common in Christmas décor but were interested in overcoming that seasonal limitation. But a few people did think it was better to wear only during the Christmas season.

With my sweatshirt being under $7, I could easily get a good cost per wear using it as a seasonal item, but I definitely will experiment with wearing it after Christmas. It's the US, we seem to want to box up everything Christmas-related on December 26 despite the tradition of the 12 Days of Christmas leading up to Epiphany. (Of course many people may only be familiar with the 12 Days of Christmas as a song.)

I decided to wear the sweatshirt a second time during Christmastide, this time with navy and white (not accentuating the green in the plaid).

Plus size winter outfit idea for women over 40

This white lacy scarf is actually an infinity scarf, but I wore it looped a single time around the neck (like a giant fabric necklace) and wrapped a pendant necklace to secure it, leaving the bottom part of the fabric loose. This is a way to wear an infinity scarf in a more traditional oblong scarf style. I do have a white oblong scarf, but I thought that the lace inset in the scarf was reminiscent of snowflakes, which felt appropriate to the season/weather.

Plus size winter outfit idea for women over 40

You know I said above that I made that red plaid tube paper bracelet from the image of this sweatshirt in a Lands End catalog? Well Lands End really loved this red-based plaid last year and it was all over their catalog. So I had also already made some of the large tube paper beads on this bracelet from the same plaid! (This bracelet, which I think of as the "beer can" bracelet, uses a variety of red/navy prints from Lands End catalogs.)

Plus size winter outfit idea for women over 40

I wore my navy skinny pants and navy suede tassel loafers for a somewhat dressier look (though I was still at home and on vacation!).

Plus size winter outfit idea for women over 40

For the final rabbit mascot added to our 2022 menagerie, it was time to go big or go home. And when we're talking big rabbits in the US, it's time to bring out the gorgeous Flemish Giant! This is Jenny, a fawn Flemish Giant with a luxurious dewlap, an alert ear, and a foot that's made for thumping.

December Rabbit: Fawn Flemish Giant Rabbit
December Rabbit: Fawn Flemish Giant Rabbit

The Flemish lives up to the name Giant, weighing in at 15 pounds. Jenny is the largest bunny in our menagerie, but luckily the smaller rabbits were able to rearrange themselves so that she has room to loaf among them.

Rabbit Mascots
Rabbit Mascots

It's interesting to compare Jenny's "fawn" fur color to Zinnia the New Zealand's "red" fur color (lower right). Each breed has standard colors that are acceptable for showing: for Flemish Giants, that includes fawn (not red), and for New Zealands, that includes red (not fawn). While the two rabbits share many elements of their fur color genetics to have a reddish/orangish coat with no black (or white), I think Zinnia must have additional rufous modifiers in her genetic code that deepens the color to red relative to Jenny's lighter fawn.

Do you wear corduroy? Do you wear red plaids? Would you wear red plaids after Christmas?

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