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Where Bloggers Live: Work Day Reactions Represented by Rabbits

Welcome back to the monthly edition of Where Bloggers Live! I am lucky to have joined a terrific group of bloggers who give a peek into the places and spaces where they spend their time.

Today's topic is A Day in the Life: Work Day edition. I work as a data analyst and am on WFH this year. My work days aren't boring exactly, but neither are they particularly interesting to read or write about! My fellow data geeks and I would have plenty to discuss, but the most engaging elements for a general audience are about organizational politics, which is confusing if you don't know the players and is not really something I would talk about online. Because I WFH, my interactions with colleagues are more work-focused than if I were in the office. My least work-centered conversation this week was about the change in my Microsoft Teams background from an outer space view to a non-Earth planetary view, to give you a sense of the riveting narrative drama here.

But while I am low on work day anecdotes, I have rabbit photos in rather than a blow-by-blow chronicle of my work day, I am offering up a work day mockumentary acted out by the brilliant and expressive rabbits of the Minnesota State Fair. It felt only appropriate to create a Power Point slide deck for this work day themed post! The Power Point presentation is 3.5 minutes long...or if you prefer to just view each slide separately, you can scroll down to see that below.

Thanks for joining me in this rabbit-tastic exploration of common work day situations and reactions. Next month's topic is Favorite Recipes...hmm, that will take some pondering.

In the meantime, visit these lovely bloggers as they share about their work day life:

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Do any of these work day reactions remind you of your own experiences?

This week, I am feeling the inadequate pay raise bunny and the data loading bunny pretty hard. I dedicate the senior engineer female bunny to my sister, who has had this experience as a woman in the tech field.

Blogs I link up with are listed here.

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