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OOTD x3: Sweater + Skinnies + Scarf Outfit Formula

Ah, March...a month that heralds spring in so many parts of the US but that is generally fairly chilly here in Minnesota! It's actually been a pretty mild March without a lot of snowfall or stuck-below-freezing days, so I have been enjoying the opportunity to wear a pullover sweater as a stand-alone piece some of the time. And because my WFH/stay-at-home situation continues, so have my pants-based outfits. Hence the outfit formula I am sharing today of a pullover sweater, skinny pants, and a scarf!

The first outfit was created around the still-new-feeling grey textured sweater (purchased 5/2020) using the easy Solid + Solid + Print Bridge Piece color formula. I picked the ombré print scarf second, from which I focused on the dark blue as my second solid color and selected navy skinny pants as my bottoms. In this case, I wore Solid Neutral (grey) + Solid Neutral (navy) + Print Bridge Piece (ombré scarf with grey and dark blue/navy), but it works with two solid accent colors or one solid accent and one solid neutral also. I wore the scarf with this white scarf ring that reinforced the iciness of the pale blue color. My navy suede loafers were my immediate choice for shoes because the two-tone tassels bear a resemblance to the ombré print of the scarf.

OOTD 3/3/2022

For once my DIY bracelet stack, including paper bead bracelets, is not part of an intentional set! I didn't have anything prepared with a navy + grey color scheme, so I just put together various bracelets until it looked "right" to me: navy/white starry sky bicone + grey glass pearl + navy/purple bicone + navy/silver (from CJ Banks) + mint/purple bicone.

This second weekend outfit was an experiment in combining various shades of blue and blue-green (analogous colors on the color wheel), based on a dark aqua cable knit sweater + dark blue skinny jeans + bird print scarf with cobalt and light aqua. I chose the geometric print knit flats to pick up the black on the birds' tails and to introduce a bit of print mixing to the look.

OOTD 3/12/22

I bookended the white from the shoes with cute little butterfly drop earrings. For a third print, I wore my Aqua & Green Ocean ribbon scarf from Gibby's Frillery, braided like this and worn as a headband. I had tried a couple different ways to wear the scarf, which is long, stretchy, and very, very skinny, but when I hit upon this braided headband idea, it was Game Over: my ribbon scarf is now a dedicated braided headband! It is very easy to braid, is extremely comfortable to wear, and stays in place all day's basically a perfect headband. (Gibby's also sells a headscarf in this same fabric that is one of those wider hair-pushed-back things, but I am glad I got the ribbon scarf and braided into a headband myself. My preferred headband style is more a soft version of the "Alice band" than "cool 70s chick with sunglasses." If you want to try a ribbon scarf or headscarf, check out Jodie's shopping page for a discount code at Gibby's.)

The bracelet stack of the day (BSOTD?) is a very simple one: a (real) pearl bracelet from Kohls with two DIY teal glass bead bracelets and a DIY black-and-white tube paper bead bracelet. Of course I liked how the black-and-white bracelet tied in with the geometric print flats.

For this third OOTD following the outfit formula, I first selected this pullover sweater in a medium grey with thin stripes in a variety of pretty spring colors (purchased 7/2020). I added dark grey skinny pants and medium grey suede ankle boots for a mostly monochromatic (well, technically achromatic) base layer. Pants in a lighter color of grey would give a more low-contrast column of color, but dark grey is what I have.

OOTD 3/16/22

I picked out the blue in the sweater for my scarf, and while I have several in that general medium blue color category, I selected this blue cashmere scarf that I held together using a DIY shank button + elastic scarf ring with my favorite faux old German coin button. In the end, this outfit follows the Solid + Solid + Print Bridge Piece color formula as well...I just started with the print piece instead of a solid one.

This bracelet set was made specifically to go with this sweater! It consists of dark grey/magenta/blue silver-edged bicone paper, magenta ombré tube paper, grey glass pearl, and black/indigo/grey-blue loon bicone paper bead bracelets (to which I added the two plain silver bead bracelets from Amazon).

Do you wear the Sweater + Skinnies (or other pants) + Scarf outfit formula at all? How about the Solid + Solid + Print Bridge Piece color formula? Are you a headband wearer? Do you have a favorite kind of headband?

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