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OOTD: Style Imitating Art - Sweet Dreams by Rus Khasanov

The Sweet Dreams video is such eye candy! I based my outfit of the day on the overall feel of the video rather than any single screenshot.

My primary inspiration elements from the video were:

--Bright pink color with other bright colors (e.g., blue, yellow, orange, green)

--Blobs, bubbles, circles, round shapes

--Swirls and waves




I started with my "silver chunky blob" necklace that has pleasantly rounded yet amorphous shapes.

I next rifled through my scarf collection (digitally) to find a colorful scarf with a swirly print and this one stood out. The multiple bright colors, shiny fabric, and wonderful swirl print made it a winner.

From there, it was easy to add my long magenta cardigan to work with the scarf colors and check the bright pink box from the list of inspirational elements. I normally would have added some neutrals next (like a black pants and a white top), but in keeping with the bold color combinations of the video, I chose burgundy pants and an apple green top instead. I rounded out the accessories with pewter loafers (metallic), green earrings (round), and two DIY glass bead bracelets (round, colorful).

So with that outfit planned out, here's how it looked worn on Monday. The burgundy pants felt so extreme in theory, but in practice they are really just a darker shade of pink so they coordinate quite well with the cardigan. Is this necklace + scarf combo a bit of a surprise? It was to me! I had initially thought I'd wear the silky square scarf as a headband, but I decided that the plain color blocked look of the green top and magenta cardigan was rather ho-hum, so I switched to tying the scarf this way underneath the necklace...which was a new, experimental thing for me that I think looks pretty interesting! By complete coincidence, the shape of the tied scarf and the shape of the necklace are the same; this brought an additional sense of cohesion to the combination. Wearing the scarf this way instead of as a headband also meant that more of the design of the scarf was on display, and I think this print deserves to be show-cased.

OOTD 1/10/22

Another reason I chose this green top was the wavy pattern in the fabric, which you can see better here. The nubby knit of the top and the sleek smoothness of the scarf make for some neat textural interplay.

It was a pleasure to bring two DIY bead bracelets into this look. Their shiny, bubbly appearance and mix of colors made them a natural fit.

I kept my makeup minimal but added a bright pink lipstick with a shiny gloss topcoat to harken back to that recurring bold pink in the video. For practical purposes, I pulled my hair back in a basic ponytail, but decided to poof it out a bit in the front to create a sense of softness (rather than a severe sleeked-back look). I didn't realize until I saw this photo that my random poofing allowed the wave in my hair to be visible. I absolutely could not have gotten my unruly hair to sit with such a perfectly shaped wave if I'd tried! So that was a happy bit of serendipity.

For my rabbit selection, I prioritized a bright color with blobs, which indicated a broken pattern (white fur "broken up" with patches of color) in the spotted rather than blanket style. This shiny Satin doe with a red broken pattern is definitely in the spirit of Sweet Dreams, even if she is awake. The (recessive) satin fur gene narrows the diameter of the hair shaft and gives her coat its intense color and bright translucent sheen. The (dominant) broken gene creates the dots and blobs of color against the white background. Multiple sets of genes are responsible for the specific shade of brilliant orange-red color.

Broken Orange Satin Rabbit

I actually remember this specific rabbit quite well! I took this photo at the state fair a couple years ago, where she was lying on the table with her human, a 4H girl, sitting behind the table. The various 4H members would take turns having their bunnies out for visitors to see/pet and answering visitor questions about rabbits. This Satin kept trying to sneakily creep away while her human was talking to people, but her human was able to move her hand out and push the bunny back into place, seemingly without even watching. The 4H girl must have had excellent peripheral vision! So not only does this Satin have the elements of bright color, dots/blobs, and sheen from the video, she also has slow movement.

To see other outfit interpretations of the Sweet Dreams video, check out the round-up on 14 Shades of Grey on Wednesday. Also later in the week I will post some additional outfit ideas inspired by the screenshots Salazar shared on her blog.

Is there an element from this video that you find inspiring for your style?

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