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How to Wear a Blazer + Sneakers Outfit Formula: Inspired by Nancy

Nancy's blazer and sneakers post at Nancy's Fashion Style last Friday was extremely well-timed for me! She wore a dress with a white blazer and white sneakers, which is not a look I could pull off, but made me think that I should try a blazer + pants/jeans-based outfit with my white leather tennis shoes.

And when I say "tennis shoes," I mean tennis shoes, as in: these are the shoes I bought *ahem* years ago when my husband and I took tennis lessons and were playing tennis every week. They are K-Swiss tennis shoes of a classic design in white leather, which is a shoe style having a fashion moment. They have been my go-to casual "wear with sweatpants to the doctor's office" shoe since the start of the pandemic, but I haven't been wearing them as a style choice with normal outfits despite this being a current look...

...until last week, when I decided to test them out with my red plaid sweatshirt and skinny jeans for an ultra-easy Sunday outfit. I had worn the sweatshirt with skinnies and my navy floral Keds earlier this winter, so it was easy to switch the shoes to my white sneakers for a variation on that look. I wore my ankle length skinny jeans and narrowly cuffed the hem up once to show off the entire shoe. I was on my feet a lot when wearing this outfit and was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the shoes were. I mean, yes, that's kind of the point of them, but on a normal day at home, I end up switching into my sturdy house shoes at some point, especially if I'm on my feet. But that wasn't something I even thought about doing in these sneakers.

OOTD 2/19/23

Since I had just dipped my white-sneaker-clad toe into the "styling white tennis shoes in a 'real' outfit" waters the previous weekend, Nancy's blazer + white sneakers idea hit me at just the right time for me to be open to it. And it just so happened that my pre-planned outfit for the next day was a blazer + sneakers outfit with my navy floral Keds. So all I had to do to immediately implement this style inspiration was to switch out my Keds for my white sneakers in that outfit!

The pre-planned outfit was already going to be a bit of a stretch for me because I was pairing the sneakers with my wider leg trouser jeans instead of straight leg or skinny jeans as usual. I had only tried sneakers with wider leg jeans once before (my medium wash trouser jeans) as demonstrated in this OOTD. I liked the combination here but it just isn't a styling choice I think about when putting outfits together.

OOTD 1/1/21

I am surprised by how much I really like the white leather tennis shoes with the dark wash trouser jeans! I was mentally prepared to find the combination too reminiscent of an "outdated look worn by a person who hasn't moved on to fashion choices of this century" because looser jeans and white sneakers is an older look (1980s/90s?) that was really not in style at all for a long time during the skinny jeans era. But in the context of my entire outfit, it definitely is working for me!

Plus size winter outfit idea for women over 40
OOTD 2/25/23

I do not have a prominent sporty/relaxed element to my style, so wearing athletic shoes outside of a clearly functionally-driven athleisure outfit is challenging. The trick, I think, was that the top half of my outfit was completely in my comfort zone stylistically so I wasn't getting the "wearing a costume" feeling that I could easily experience in an "inspired by" look. (See more on this topic in my inspiration versus aspiration post.) My outfit also reflects a modern outfit formula (graphic T + blazer) so I wasn't getting either the "stale/outdated" vibes either.

I have to say, I am so delighted by this particular graphic T + blazer + scarf combination! The scarf perfectly brings together the navy/grey of the blazer and the light blue/grey of the T with its icy light blue/dark blue/grey color palette for a look with a tight color story but a lot of visual interest. (Actually, "tight color story but a lot of visual interest" is pretty much my happy place stylistically.) This is a combination I'd like to wear again...and I have indeed added it to a spreadsheet to remind myself to try it again with a different bottom half.

Plus size winter outfit idea for women over 40

Also on point is my daily bracelet stack based on the "icy" DIY paper bead set made to coordinate with my light pink/navy floral blouse. It's perfect with this scarf.

Plus size winter outfit idea for women over 40

I brought out my cloisonné fish earrings again because their shades-of-blue color scheme were a nice pairing with the scarf.

Plus size winter outfit idea for women over 40

As I discussed in my post about my two pairs of wide leg trouser jeans, I'm all about the just-short-of-skimming-the-ground length when wearing any kind of flared pants/jeans. That full length just looks so right to me. I know that cropped flares have been trendy for a long time now, and they are certainly a very practical option in any kind of wet weather, but for myself, I prefer wearing the full-length version.

Certainly that could change at some point, but I am choosing to lean into that preference right now...which has the nice effect that I haven't bought any new jeans since 2019 and have gotten the total numbers of wears on my two trouser jeans to 27 and 28 wears! (The cost per wear stands at $0.28 and $0.27.) 30 wears on thrifted jeans, here we come.

I'm going to wrap this up with a couple of older OOTD featuring the blazer + sneakers combination with my navy floral Keds. Both outfits include a polka dot print mix and colored denim...and are a good representation of my typical way of wearing this formula.

Plus size winter outfit idea for women over 40

Are you wearing white sneakers in your outfits? How do you like to wear them? Do you prefer a bulkier white sneaker or a more refined/low profile one?

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