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18 More Bird Print Outfits For Summer

When I posted my previous bird print outfit round-up in May, several commenters were (quite reasonably!) surprised that I have a total of 40 bird-themed items in my closet. This made me realize that though you have been introduced to my inner Crazy Rabbit Lady and have seen glimpses of my Crazy Cat Lady self, Crazy Bird Lady hasn't yet made it to the blog!

My form of Crazy Bird Lady doesn't have pet birds (never have, probably never will)...I'm a wild bird fan instead. Since I started my bird journal on 2/12/2000 in Austin, TX, I have identified 527 bird species in the lower 48 United States. This is not an extremely impressive number, but 500 for the ABA area (lower 48, Canada, Alaska) is generally considered a birding milestone, so I consider my 527 to be a quite respectable number!

For quite a while there, my and I were pretty avid birders, going out every weekend (sometimes both days) in search of birds and organizing all our vacations around birding possibilities. Texas is a wonderful state for birding, and I got quite spoiled there. Even when I was in my masters program in North Carolina, more often than not we would go out either Saturday or Sunday morning to one of our local birding locations.

We have done so much less of it since living in Minnesota...first because the demands of my PhD program took all of my time and energy (until I got smart and got out), and then because MN just flat doesn't offer quite the same level of birding that we were used to in Texas and NC. Don't get me wrong...MN has some great birds, but the density of birds here isn't what it is down south. It's also just become a lot harder to add new birds to our list as over time, we've seen almost all the easy ones, a good number of the moderately difficult ones, and some quite tough ones. (Our last new bird was the California Thrasher in Los Angeles, 12/23/2017.) But that's OK. The intensity of our hobbies can wax and wane over time. I have no doubt that I'll be back to birding more regularly again at some point!

But even during this lull in my birding activity, I am still a huge fan of bird prints. And now for the outfits...

#1 White floral/bird blouse

Purchased 7/2020 for $12.19 at CJ Banks

5 wears

Current CPW (cost per wear) = $2.44 [8 more wears to meet <$1 target]

It only seems fair after writing about "wearing black pants with intention" recently that I should share one of my less successful black pants outfits. I like the print top with the olive utility jacket, olive flats, and gold necklaces, but I have no idea why I put on a pair of black pants other than (a) I'd had the thought that I hadn't worn black pants for a while, and (b) that old "black pants go with everything" myth. Not only is the black color not at all integrated into the outfit, I don't like the black with the light, muted, somewhat warm colors of the print blouse at all. I should have stuck with the jeans I'd otherwise have worn for this WFH outfit!

Black + White + Accent Color + Print Mix - Summer Outfit Idea for Plus Size Woman Over 40
Black + Olive + Light Print...But make sure the print works with black!

In this late summer outfit, I wore a pair of seafoam mint skimmers (not shown) that worked much better with the print. Without the jacket over it, you can more readily see the birds interspersed with the leaves and flowers on the blouse. I was very happy with how this layered necklace worked out!

Black + White + Statement Necklace + Nude Shoe - Summer Outfit Idea for Plus Size Woman Over 40
Layered Necklace

#2 White tropical birds blouse

Purchased 8/2020 for $10.00 at CJ Banks

7 wears

Current CPW = $1.43 [4 more wears to meet <$1 target]

This knit top has a "peasant top" silhouette that isn't one I normally gravitate towards, but I liked the parrot print so much that I had to give it a try. And I found that it works really well as a stand-alone top for warm weather due to the loose fit through the body. I like picking up one of the bright accent colors from the parrots in choosing a lightweight scarf to wear with it, such as this coral tie-dye one.

Black + White + Silk Scarf + Print Shoe - Summer Outfit Idea for Plus Size Woman Over 40
Light Print Top + Dark Semi-Neutral + Bright Accent

This time I picked up the azure blue from the print with another tie-dye scarf and the striped flats.

Black Print + Accent Color + Layered Necklace + Statement Shoe - Summer Outfit Idea for Plus Size Woman Over 40
Light Print Top + Muted Accent + Bright Accent + Statement Shoe

The top also layers just fine under a jacket even with the somewhat puffy 3/4 length sleeves (but I don't think I'd be as fond of layering it under a cardigan). I was a bit surprised at how well these black tweed flats worked with the top as a print mix; they do share the black color and both have a combination of bright accent colors, but the bright accent colors aren't really the same. But with the distance between the pieces, your eye doesn't take in that level of detail.

Print Blouse + Sweater Vest + Bulky Necklace - Summer Outfit Idea for Plus Size Woman Over 40
Light Print Top + Jeans + Bright Accent + Statement Shoe

#3 Mint green hummingbird shirt

Purchased 7/2020 for $11.95 at CJ Banks

5 wears

Current CPW = $2.39 [7 more wears to meet <$1 target]

I have mostly worn this button up shirt in fall/winter under a cardigan, but late last summer, I used it as a shirt-jacket over a black tank and a pair of dark warm green jeans. I didn't expect the jeans and shirt to work together well at all, but both pieces are so muted (the shirt with a lot of white and the jeans with a lot of black) that it coordinated pretty well. And when in doubt, distract with eye-catching accessories like this whimsical #neckmess.

Print Blouse + Neutral Pants + Statement Necklace - Summer Outfit Idea for Plus Size Woman Over 40
Black + Dark Semi-Neutral + Print Shirt as Jacket

#4 Navy/red/pink/grey bird cardigan

Purchased 2/2021 for $17.82 at CJ Banks

3 wears

Current CPW = $5.94 [15 more wears to meet <$1 target]

I absolutely love this navy-based print cardigan that has both birds and flowers on it, but I haven't worn it much yet. The only OOTD I have photographed wearing it is this "inspired by Liz (of Closet Play) & Lesley (of Jodie's Touch of Style)" outfit that I blogged about last summer. Don't worry...I have plans for this cardigan! Even though it has a greater clarity of edge and contrast level (as analyzed here) than would be ideal for my appearance, I agree with Liz and Jodie that personality is the most important aspect...and on that front, I declare this cardigan on point!

Print Blouse + Neutral Skirt + Accent Color Shoe/Necklace - Summer Outfit Idea for Plus Size Woman Over 40
White Shirt + Jeans + Print Cardigan + Accent Shoe

#5 Bright pink bird/dot silk scarf

Purchased 12/2013 for $30.00 at Nordstrom

23 wears

Current CPW = $1.30 [8 more wears to meet <$1 target]

I could not resist this fun mixed polka dot print scarf with the stylized sparrow motif! I probably wear it more often in summer than winter because silk is such a cool fabric to wear around the neck even when it's warm. I have worn it with a black inner column and bright pink cardigan...

3 Way Print Mix - Summer Outfit Idea for Plus Size Woman Over 40
Black Inner Column + Accent Cardigan + Print Scarf

And with a black outer column and a bright pink top...

Print Blouse + Layered Necklace - Summer Outfit Idea for Plus Size Woman Over 40
Black Outer Column + Accent Top + Print Scarf

And as part of a pattern mix with yet another dot print (this black and white knit top had more of a diamond shape dot than a true polka dot, but I still liked the resemblance between them). For me, the repetition of the bright pink accent color in the scarf and ballet flats really makes the outfit.

Print Blouse + Slim Pants + Long Light-Colored Cardigan + Flats - Summer Outfit Idea for Plus Size Woman Over 40
Print Top & Scarf Print Mix + Jeans + Light Topper + Accent Flats

#6 Burgundy/lime/pink bird scarf

Purchased 12/2019 for $7.00 at Amazon

8 wears

Current CPW = $0.88 [met <$1 target; 3 more wears to meet <$0.65 target]

Ever since I started going all-in with olive/aloe as an important neutral (or semi-neutral) in my wardrobe, I've kept my eye out for print scarves that coordinate well with it. I liked the lime green in this scarf as a potential bridge to combining olive with brown, pink, and/or burgundy. Here I put an olive twin set of T + cardigan with brown jeans and taupe-brown flats, and the scarf both pulled the colors together and added a welcome dose of color to the neutral base outfit. (Since olive is a dark Yellow-Green and burgundy is a dark Red-Violet, they are complementary colors that work so very well I have talked about before. I know people think of complementary color schemes as very intense, but when the two colors are toned down versions, you still get a little frisson, just with less drama and overwhelm.)

Striped Top + Print Scarf + Ankle Pants/Jeans - Summer Outfit Idea for Plus Size Woman Over 40
Modern Twin Set + Jeans + Print Scarf & Necklace(s)

#7 Navy/lime/pink bird scarf

Purchased 12/2019 for $7.00 at Amazon

9 wears

Current CPW = $0.78 [met <$1 target; 2 more wears to meet <$0.65 target]

I liked that burgundy bird print so well that I bought the navy version also! As you probably know, I really prefer purchasing scarves second-hand, but I have bought some retail, including several of my bird print ones. In this outfit, the chambray blazer, olive pants, pink flats, and navy bird scarf worked just like I thought they would, but the boldly striped top was not the right pick. The stripes are too high contrast to look quite right with the softer bird print. If I were to try this outfit again, I'd substitute a solid olive T for the striped one and make it an inner column of olive.

Graphic T + Gingham + Bling - Summer Outfit Idea for Plus Size Woman Over 40
Chambray Blazer + Chinos + Print Top & Scarf Print Mix

Oddly enough, I do like the scarf with this (equally bold and high contrast) navy and white polka dot blazer though! Maybe it's the repeat of white in the top that makes it work? (The outfit above doesn't have any other white, so maybe the white stripe stands out oddly in contrast to the rest of the look.) I'm not sure. But this is a good example of the fact that no matter how much you analyze things, there are some combinations that will work or not work to your eye for reasons that are hard to pin down. This frustrates me a bit because analyzing is what I do, but the more we experiment, the more we both train our intuition and find serendipitous combinations that we love. So let's keep on experimenting!

T or Tank + Lightweight Button Up Shirt + Print Scarf + Statement Earring- Summer Outfit Idea for Plus Size Woman Over 40
White Top + Neutral Pants + Statement Blazer + Print Scarf

I liked the white top + polka dot blazer + navy bird scarf + gold flats combo from the early summer outfit above so well that I wore it again a few months later in late summer, this time substituting a pair of aloe crops for the olive full-length chinos. I also styled the scarf differently, using one of my favorite tricks for wearing scarves in putting it under the lapels of the blazer, where it doesn't add any extra warmth to the outfit. I like the repeat of the gold in the chunky chain necklace.

Dark Pants + Accent Top + Print Scarf + Fun Shoe - Summer Outfit Idea for Plus Size Woman Over 40
White Top + Crop Pants + Statement Blazer + Print Scarf + Metallic Shoe

#8 Red/pink/black peacock scarf

Received 12/2016 as a gift

9 wears

Current CPW = n/a

This red peacock feather print scarf was a gift from my sister, and I'm wearing it with that same black and white diamond dot print top I showed above with the pink silk sparrow scarf. This outfit has 3 hallmarks of my style from my "More Me" list (in addition to the scarf):

1) A three-way print mix

2) Colorful pants

3) Leopard print shoes

Black & White Print Top + Accent Color Pants + Gold Accessories - Summer Outfit Idea for Plus Size Woman Over 40
Colorful Pants + 3 Way Print Mix

#9 Light sky blue owl scarf

Purchased 12/2019 for $2.40 at ThredUp (thrifted)

1 wear

Current CPW = $2.40 [2 more wears to meet <$1 target]

This scarf amuses me not only because it has such a cute owl print but because it was clearly sized for a child! (This is the kind of thing that can happen when you shop online.) Due to its small size, I haven't exactly reached for it again and again...this is in fact the only time I've worn it so far. But the nice thing about scarves is that they pretty much last and fit forever, so I have a long time horizon for working my way down to an under $1 cost per wear. (And if I decide that the sizing is an issue, I could easily DIY it into a really fun headband!) I did like how it looked in this outfit with the simple white top + dark wash jeans + matching cardigan & ballet flat formula.

White Top + Jeans + Matching Topper & Shoes + Print Scarf & Necklace

#10 Pewter owl pendant

Purchased 5/2015 for $9.45 at Kohls

13 wears

Current CPW = $0.73 [met <$1 target; 2 more wears to meet <$0.65 target]

A bird motif necklace maybe isn't a "print" per se, but I think it fits the spirit of this post. This articulated owl pendant has a groovy 70s vibe to it that makes it a fun addition to a simple, classic outfit like this one...just a print T, colorful pants, a black cardigan, and nude flats. I'm really not much of a boho style person in general, but a little touch of it can work for me.

Print Top + Colorful Pants + Neutral Cardigan + Pendant

#11 Silver/bright beads owl pendant

Purchased 5/2016 for $14.00 at Kohls

13 wears

Current CPW = $1.08 [2 more wears to meet <$1 target]

This owl pendant has tiny, brightly colorful beads set in it with dangling feather charms down the front, so I like to coordinate it with bright solid colors. In this outfit I was experimenting with wearing two very different shades of aqua/teal together as a monochromatic-with-a-twist look...a dark teal blouse and an aquamarine pencil skirt. The top is more green and the skirt is more blue, but because they were such different value intensities (dark vs. light-medium), I think it looked pretty good! I used light neutrals for the jacket and shoes to keep things simple.

Dark Accent Top + Medium Accent Skirt + Light Neutral Topper + Statement Necklace

OK, that was a LOT of bird prints!

Do you like birds? Do you like to watch birds around your home? Do you have bird feeders? (I used to design surveys and analyze data about nature-based recreation, including birding, but I will spare you the questions on a 7-point scale and leave this as an open-ended response, haha.)

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Jun 19, 2022

I like how you have so many bird print pieces but that they are all so different! I have a couple bird print scarves and a bird print tank but it's not a print I own a lot of in my wardrobes - despite my love of birds!

Thank you for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup last week, sorry for my late blog visit, life has been busy! Hope you are having a good weekend :) We had a fun day out at an insect expo yesterday :)

Jun 19, 2022
Replying to

I have to control myself not to buy EVERY bird print out there!


Jun 10, 2022

So whimsical! A fun print and really appropriate for spring and summer.

Jun 10, 2022
Replying to

Thanks, Mireille! A tropical bird print is a perfect warm weather print in my view.


Jun 09, 2022

I like all of your bird prints -- especially the scarves.

Thank you for linking up at Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 21.


Jun 10, 2022
Replying to

Thanks, Carol! I love how the variety of birds gives us a lot of options where bird prints are concerned.


Jun 08, 2022

527 bird sightings is an impressive number imo. I can identify a handful. LOL! And it’s awesome that you have so many cool bird pieces to represent your interest.


Jun 08, 2022
Replying to

I have to say, getting to 527 species was a LOT of effort! But very fun for the most part (there was at least one trip out on the Atlantic Ocean off NC that was kind of a nightmare except for seeing the birds!).


Nancy's Fashion
Nancy's Fashion
Jun 07, 2022

No wonder you could easily join us with the bird prints theme! I am loving it!

Jun 07, 2022
Replying to

Haha, yes, I could do that theme all year long! :)

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