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OOTD: Inspired by Liz & Lesley

Today I'm excited to share an outfit of the day that was inspired by Lesley from Jodie's Touch of Style and Liz Klebba from Closet Play, two blogs that are on my must-read list.

I remember that when Liz posted her original outfit, I thought it was adorable. I liked the color palette, the soft blouse, the drop pearls, the matching cardigan and shoes, and the raw-edge jeans.

Photo courtesy of Liz Klebba

Plus look at that jaunty polka-dot scarf adding a splash of red that she repeats in the lipstick color and that repeats the shape of the pearls, drawing attention to her face. This whole outfit says "Liz!" to me. Pun intended, the look is spot-on.

Photo courtesy of Liz Klebba

In April, I was delighted to see Lesley take Liz's outfit and put her own spin on it as part of a finding outfit inspiration series. She kept the primary pieces--a white button up shirt, classic cardigan, and jeans--but changed the color palette, chose a cardigan that is a bold print instead of a subdued solid, wore bright driving moccasins (which I consider a trademark Lesley piece), cuffed her jeans rather than wearing raw-hemmed, and substituted a tied-up necklace (brilliant!) for the neckerchief (a trademark Liz piece).

Photo courtesy of Jodie Filogomo

Seeing the two outfits side-by-side, you can see how each woman's version of the outfit suits them so well. I love that Lesley didn't attempt to replicate Liz's outfit, but instead used it as a springboard for her imagination to create a look all of her own.

Photo courtesy of Jodie Filogomo

Seeing Lesley's outfit featuring a navy-background print cardigan made me think of the navy bird cardigan that I had recently purchased. I would not have thought of combining it with a white button up shirt, but seeing it with Liz's softer blouse got me thinking. Doesn't that seem just a little odd? I mean, how obvious is a white button up shirt or blouse? But I don't typically like the structure of a "crisp button up" under a cardigan, and I hadn't yet fully internalized that my less-than-one-year-old white button up was made from a soft-but-not-silky cotton fabric that doesn't act like the "crisp" shirt that drives me crazy. It definitely took seeing both of these looks to realize that this combination could work!

Soft white button up, print cardigan, jeans (simple ankle-length skinnies), colorful shoes, red lipstick...check. And since both of them wore the sleeves in such a way as to show the shirt cuffs, I tried that too. Loved it. In place of statement earrings, though, I substituted a pair of ruby studs I've owned since college (and, knock wood, I will never lose!).

Outfit of the Day: 4/19/21

In addition to the bird print, French Angora rabbit hair, and goofy expression, the trademark Sally elements of this outfit are the DIY world's easiest no-sew headband made from an old t-shirt and the #neckmess. I see a white/red bead necklace (made by the same friend as the ruby earrings), a silver chain/red ribbon multi-strand necklace, and a couple red seed bead strands (made by me) in the mix.

I would definitely wear this outfit again...or better, another variation on it (nothing wrong with taking your own outfit as inspiration!). Using the same shirt + cardigan combination... (1) Create a semi-dressed up work outfit with a navy pencil skirt, navy flats, a white silky scarf + pearls, and less-wild hair. (2) Turn it into a casual work day outfit by switching in my red ankle pants and navy striped flats. (3) For an even more casual look, wear my hair in braids and sub in my navy floral sneakers. (The last two variants bring a print mix into the outfit, which is a good thing!)

Thanks to Liz and Jodie for permission to use their photos in this post!

Where are you finding outfit inspiration lately?

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