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OOTD x3: Sweater + Jeans + Scarf + Necklace Formula

In this "other people would call it winter but this is Minnesota so it's really still autumn weather for us" period from mid-November through the end of December, I start hitting my pullover sweater collection hard. And since I have been/am taking quite a bit of "use it or lose it" vacation time through the end of the year, jeans are also in heavy rotation. As for accessories, I don't wear a scarf literally every single day from mid-November through the end of April, but it kind of feels that way! The sweater + jeans + scarf + necklace formula is a classic one for me this time of year, and can be tweaked almost endlessly. Here are 3 OOTD using this formula from the second half of November.

This azure blue blouse and matching open weave sweater are such a bright, cheerful color! I was lucky to be able to purchase both pieces together at a Loft $8 sale (which since they have stopped selling plus size clothing is firmly in my rear view window now) because the sweater does need to be layered underneath. This bold gold/crystal pendant necklace was a rare necklace purchase from ThredUp (whenever I check the site, they have somewhere in the range of 0-5 necklaces available, which is mysterious; you'd think they either sell necklaces or they don't!). My go-to cheetah Oxfords were an obvious choice for shoes. In my bracelet stack, I made the white and blue seed bead bracelets; the gold ones were from Amazon.

Outfit #1: OOTD 11/18/21

So...this scarf! It's an Echo brand silk scarf that I purchased from ThredUp, wore a few times, and then lost...inside my own apartment. But a couple months ago when Robot and I were moving stuff in my office to clear space to have some maintenance work done, it reappeared with its hanger wedged behind a bookcase. Not sure how I had managed that, but I am glad to have this scarf back in my inventory.

Outfit #2 involves some floral print mixing with the colorful cartoon-like floral infinity scarf and the floral Keds. The silver ring necklace is a bit lost against the light teal/white marl sweater; next time I think I will try a darker necklace with this sweater. Fortunately there's a lot going on in this outfit already, so the subtlety of the necklace isn't a problem.

Outfit #2: OOTD 11/21/21

I finished the outfit with the most commonly worn DIY braided headband from an old oatmeal T, simple gold studs, and a bracelet stack. Again, I made all the bracelets but the silver ones (from that same Amazon set). I enjoyed the opportunity to mix my bright pink and bright orange seed bead bracelets to match up with the colors in the scarf. I added the larger (6mm) dull orange beaded bracelet to help balance the size of the two teal bead bracelets.

Outfit #3 is a pleasing combination of different textures: cotton knit sweater, silky scarf, tweed loafers. The layered necklace consists of 3 CJ Banks necklaces worn together: mixed chains with dark blue beads, plain mixed chains, and the palm pendant. With the many chains, the resulting necklace has enough visual heft to work with the dark marl sweater. The bracelet stack consists of 3 DIY seed bead bracelets, one DIY glass pearl bracelet, and the ubiquitous Amazon silver bracelet.

Outfit #3: OOTD 11/30/21

It is an unusual day for me to wear a bracelet stack that doesn't contain at least one metallic bead bracelet from that Amazon set (2 each of gold, silver, and rose gold). It's been a surprising wardrobe workhorse! I don't track the wears of my bracelets to do the calculation, but I imagine my cost per wear on that set is on its way to pennies by now.

Do you have any surprising wardrobe workhorses in your closet right now (clothing or accessories)?

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