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OOTD x2: Lavender Swirl Scarf Outfits

I feel a bit like I'm playing a sartorial game of Telephone lately with my lavender swirl scarf. Did you play that game as a kid? Everyone sits in circle, and the first player whispers a word or phrase into the ear of the next player. Players keep passing on the phrase in whispers until it reaches the last player, who says the phrase they think they heard out loud to the group, and everyone laughs at how the phrase changed as it was passed down the telephone line. (Oh, a telephone line, how quaint!)

The scarf first appeared on the blog in January as part of a Style Imitating Art challenge.

OOTD 1/10/2022

Then last month I wore the scarf + magenta cardigan combination in an outfit I just posted earlier this week.

Plus size outfit with magenta cardigan, green pants, and black top
OOTD 3/29/22

Then I wore the scarf again last week in two different daily outfits that were long-sleeved top + bottom combinations with no topper layer, which is not extremely typical for my style but is something I wear frequently during the spring and fall transition seasons.

I'm actually not sure what prompted me to pair the scarf with this wine-colored blouse; despite the scarf consisting of many colors, there's no wine or burgundy to be found, and the colors are much more vibrant than the dark, toned-down blouse. Nevertheless, I think the scarf looks good in this outfit, bringing a burst of intense color to an otherwise dark look...which feels like a nice way to give it a spring-like vibe.

OOTD 4/11/22

My daily bracelet stack contains mostly DIY pieces: two black glass bead bracelets, two (very dark!) burgundy garnet bead bracelets, and a mixed silver/gold spacer bead bracelet. Plus the gold metallic bracelet you've all seen a million times now because I pretty much wear at least one from this Amazon set every day.

No surprise that my faded black DIY braided headband makes another appearance here, as when I wear black pants, I do like to sprinkle little bits of black from head to toe. (Headband, scarf, necklace, pants, and shoes this time.) My earrings are another world's easiest DIY hoop pair with glass pearls in several shades of bright, warm green...these pick up the greens in the scarf nicely. My green eyes have a bit of warmth in them too, so I'm doing a bit of matchy-matchy there. I wore pink-red lipstick to repeat the magenta color in the scarf as well. (However, I did draw the line at bleaching my hair to a lighter lemon yellow blonde to replicate the precise shade in the scarf! My natural darker golden blonde will have to do.)

A few days later I wore different black pants and a dark lavender pullover sweater with the scarf. The color of the sweater blended well in between the light and medium purples in the scarf. I added a thrifted long necklace to add a vertical element to the look and to break up the expanse of sweater. Other people have no problem rocking the plain sweater look, but I find that for my style, I really do prefer jazzing it up a bit, especially when I'm not layering a vest over it. I pulled this necklace out because I remembered that it has that one purple bead. The other beads don't match, but I think it coordinates well enough and I am continuing to work on giving my outfits that "free to vary" quality.

OOTD 4/15/22

I really liked how the daily bracelet stack turned out! I have two DIY purple stone/silver bracelets (sweet bunny face charm for the win), a multi-color DIY bracelet from a variety of stone and glass beads, and a DIY small and medium silver spacer bead bracelet. Plus the purple/sage green/silver bracelet that came in a set of 4 from CJ Banks. This one is probably my least worn in that set, so it's always a pleasure to fit it into my stack.

These are very, very simple outfits of the classic "black pants + solid colored top" outfit formula, just made more fun and interesting with the addition of statement accessories that speak to playful, colorful, and slightly quirky aspects of my personality.

How do you feel about wearing a simple two piece outfit (or if it's a dress, a one piece outfit)? Are there certain accessories, colors, silhouettes, prints, or other elements you like to bring in to make a simple outfit look like you?

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