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My Scarf 2022: March Additions - Part 1

Since March is quickly coming to a close, it's definitely time to share the monthly additions to the capsule wardrobe based on this scarf, color palette, and rabbit mascot!

At the end of February, we had this wardrobe, heavy on the navy neutral and just starting to add the pink and red accent colors.

Everything at the end of February

For March, Janice introduced items for spring to each capsule: a neutral short-sleeved T, an accent color short-sleeved T, a cardigan, a bracelet, and a scarf. Although March is quite early to be thinking about spring in Minnesota, I followed her lead...but decided to add some other items as well. Hewing so closely to her additions in January and February was already causing me a bit of consternation with the capsule, so I am putting my own twist on things for March.

For the short-sleeved Ts, I chose two lovely drapey knit tops with pretty crochet detailing on the yoke in navy and red. My cardigan selection in keeping with the navy + red theme was very easy: this relatively new classic button up cardigan in navy with a pretty red, pink, and grey birds and flowers print. My two extra pieces are (1) a navy quilted vest, which is an item that I really should have added in January because it's a necessity for my winter style and (2) a pair of red skinny jeans to add some variety to the three pairs of navy/dark denim pants in the capsule.

March Garment Additions

Navy/red/pink/grey bird cardigan - CJ Banks - 2X - $17.82 - 2/2021

Navy crochet knit top - Croft & Barrow/Kohls - 1X - $24.99 - 9/2017

Navy quilted vest - Croft & Barrow/Kohls - 2X - $16.74 - 12/2019

Red skinny jeans - thrifted, Target/Goodwill - 22 - $2.99 - 3/2019

Red crochet knit top - Croft & Barrow/Kohls - 1X - $24.99 - 9/2017

For my taste, the ratio of accessories to garments in a capsule needs to be pretty high to satisfy my desire for variety. I picked a navy/red print scarf and a bracelet set consisting of gold, white, red, and plaid beads in alignment with Janice's selections. My extras include two DIY multi-strand seed bead necklaces in navy and red/gold, a DIY gold paperclip chain necklace with a (purchased) Zork lantern pendant, DIY red glass pearl and gold hoop earrings, and a pair of red flats with a gold buckle detail. I decided to supplement the mostly silver-based accessories in the capsule to date with some gold pieces; I know that many people like to choose a metal and stick with it, but I like variety and I like to mix things up. I also just think that red + gold is such a great combination!

March Accessories Additions

Navy/light navy/maroon red painted stripe scarf - thrifted, Gap/ThredUp - $8.88 - 8/2020

Navy/dark blue multi-strand seed bead necklace - made by me - summer 2021

Red/gold multi-strand seed bead necklace - made by me - summer 2021

Dark red 8mm bamboo coral bead bracelet - made by me - winter 2022

White 8mm glass bead bracelet - made by me - winter 2022

Red pearl/gold hoops - made by me - summer 2021

Gold stretch bracelets - Amazon - ?

Navy/red/white/gold plaid tube paper bead bracelet - made by me - winter 2022

Gold paperclip chain with Zork lantern - made by me - summer 2021

Red buckle flats - Me Too/Nordstrom - $53.56 - 8/2013

As usual, we'll look at some outfits created from these new pieces. Outfit #1 is well-suited to the spring transition, consisting of a red inner column topped by the bird print cardigan. All three necklaces are worn together for a layered look.

March Outfit #1

Outfit #2 follows the simple solid + solid + bridge piece color formula, but is a little more interesting due to the colorful pants. With the short sleeves in March, this is definitely appropriate for a much warmer climate than Minnesota! (In St Paul, I don't start wearing short sleeves until the latter half of May at the earliest.) I'm visualizing the scarf worn like a shawl for cool morning/evening temperatures. Shorter sleeves give us a chance to show off fun bracelets.

March Outfit #2

Outfit #3 is much more appropriate for March in Minnesota! As Janice has pointed out, one nice thing about a classic button up cardigan is that you can wear it buttoned up like a pullover sweater. This can work as a stand-alone sweater, of course, but I also like the versatility to wear it with a winter vest layered over it for extra warmth. (And yes, a top can be worn under the cardigan for yet another layer.)

March Outfit #3

Here are a couple ways I've worn these red skinny jeans in OOTD incorporating other pieces from this capsule. This December outfit uses the red jeans and navy pullover sweater for a simple two-piece outfit jazzed up with the bridge pieces of a rabbit scarf and floral Keds, both of which contain navy and red. (I can't imagine that we will reach the end of 2022 without both of these items being added to this capsule!) I added a beige scarf ring to the rabbit scarf to coordinate with the beige/yellow straw basket that the rabbits are carrying and my hair color. A dark blue DIY braided headband, a DIY bracelet stack, and large red leather earrings finish the look.

December Outfit with Red Skinny Jeans & Navy Pullover Sweater

This February outfit uses the colorblock color formula with solid pieces in white, dark grey, and red. Although silver is the obvious metal to wear with grey, I love red + gold so I decided to try that instead. I really like the result! The red/gold and gold paperclip chain DIY necklaces added to the capsule this month are worn long with a shorter crystal/gold necklace and a ruby pendant. These black loafers have gold and red strands in the tweed, as well as other jewel tones, which make them more versatile than I would have expected. (Since grey is, theoretically, black with white added to it, grey and black go together very easily in outfits.)

February Outfit with Red Skinny Jeans, Red/Gold Necklace, and Gold Paperclip Chain

For this month's rabbit, I wanted a bold red bunny, and this gorgeous New Zealand is a perfect fit! This pose shows off a combination of soft roundness and delicacy that gives her a sophisticated feminine look. In my opinion, she's the rabbit version of one of the Hollywood sirens of the 1940s.

March Rabbit: Red New Zealand

So far all the bunnies in this capsule are on the alert! Perhaps some chill rabbits will join us in the coming months.

Rabbit Mascots

Does red, white, and navy have too much of a Fourth of July (or other holiday) connotation for you to image wearing it year-round? Personally I like it in every season!

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Apr 02, 2022

I love that second outfit idea particularly, that's a lovely scarf! I really like when colours in a scarf echo the colours in an outfit, that was a great example of it! :) It's good to make changes and make your wardrobe work for you, hopefully you find less frustration now you've added in a few key pieces to make pulling outfits together easier! I definitely think red white and blue is a combo you can wear any time of year!

Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you're having a good weekend. It's a nice relaxing one here.

Apr 04, 2022
Replying to

Thank you! Scarves are such a fun and easy way to pull colors together.


Mar 30, 2022

It's always fun to scroll through photos of your capsule wardrobes. I especially like seeing the scarves and jewelry that you pair with the basic pieces. In this post, I really like all the touches of red. Thank you for participating in Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 13.Carol

Mar 31, 2022
Replying to

Accessories can really make or break a capsule made of basic pieces, can't they? Thanks for stopping by!


jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo
Mar 28, 2022

I love that you think of the cardigan to be layered over also. It's a great way to add more warmth when you need it. XOOX Jodie

Mar 30, 2022
Replying to

I've had to get more creative with layering possibilities since moving to MN, that's for sure!

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