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My Scarf 2022: Jan-Mar Capsule Wardrobe

Before moving to the April additions next week, I wanted to do a quick check-in with the capsule after 3 months. We have 21 garments in our capsule so far, which coincidentally is the number for a 21 For 21 capsule wardrobe.

Here are the garments in the capsule so far. The various navy/denim neutrals of the color palette are very well represented, and for accent colors we have some bright reds and soft and muted pinks. We are weaker on the lighter neutrals of white (only 1 T-shirt) and beige (none). I am pretty pleased with the range of temperatures this capsule spans; though realistically, short-sleeved Ts wouldn't be needed in St Paul, MN for quite some time, I know there are places where these would already be in the rotation.

All garments at the end of the March

Here's the wardrobe by the numbers -

Navy/denim: 9

White: 1

Beige: 0

Pink: 4

Red: 3

Print: 4

Pants: 5

Pullover sweaters: 2

Long-sleeved tops: 6

Short-sleeved tops: 2

Cardigans: 4

Winter vests: 2

No surprise, I have created a set of accessories in excess of 21 pieces! 30 total. And being me, I still feel that we are woefully deficient in scarves. Otherwise this is looking very good.

All accessories at the end of the March

Scarves: 3

Necklaces: 7

Shoes: 4

Boots: 1

Earrings: 4

Bracelets: 10

Bag: 1

It's always a pleasure to put a capsule through its paces by creating outfits from the pieces. These are merely a fraction of the outfits possible from the 21 garments + 30 accessories. I will note the color formulas in each outfit as I go.

Outfit #1 has three favorite styling tricks of mine: (1) print mix, (2) bright pants, and (3) rabbits! I kept the accessories (uncharacteristically) low key because the base outfit has so much going on.

Jan-Mar Outfit #1

Outfit #2 takes an inner column of color in red and tones it down a bit with a navy cardigan. I do like that the two blues of the shoes repeats the two blue blues of the scarf.

Jan-Mar Outfit #2

Outfit #3 is a cold weather twin set of long-sleeved T + quilted vest with the bright red pants. I chose accessories in red and gold. I often wear a print scarf with an outfit like this, but obviously it's not necessary; these colors go together quite naturally. But it was fun to add the red/navy/blue/gold plaid bracelet as a subtle bridge piece!

Jan-Mar Outfit #3

Outfit #4 takes a navy inner column and tops it with a blush pink quilted vest. Note that the sweater and pants are different versions of brighter and one more muted...but they work together just fine. I like the energy that the bold printed scarf brings to the look.

Jan-Mar Outfit #4

In Outfit #5, the pants and vest from the previous look make a reappearance, but now with the blush pink T, changing the color formula from inner column to twin set. I like how the saturated pastel colors of the scarf look with the blush pink.

Jan-Mar Outfit #5

Outfit #6 takes us into warmer weather with a short-sleeved top + pants for another inner column, this time topped with the dusky rose cardigan...which is a lovely combination. I skipped the necklace/scarf because sometimes an inherently-interesting top (this one has a crocheted yoke) looks right unadorned. The bracelet stack and rabbit tote repeat the soft pink accent color.

Jan-Mar Outfit #6

Outfit #7 is a somewhat-rare-for-me two piece outfit with navy pants and a fun double striped top that has elastic at the hem for a blouson effect. To complement this classic base outfit, I picked accessories that are pink and girly with flowers, butterflies, and bows.

Jan-Mar Outfit #7

Outfit #8 is a navy/denim inner column with the bird print cardigan. The accessories draw on the red accent color in the print. I went a bit matchy-matchy with the layered necklace and bracelet stack; each one consists of red beads, white beads/pearls, and gold. Even the red flats with gold buckles repeat the theme.

Jan-Mar Outfit #8

Outfit #9 shows an interesting quality of jeans in a medium wash. They can read as the other half of a navy column, as a medium blue color, or as an unrelated neutral depending on the rest of the outfit. With the combination of navy and a somewhat lighter blue in the scarf and loafers, the jeans read as "medium blue" to me here while still feeling very neutral and looking closely related to the navy colors. The bright red T and earrings fit cohesively into the outfit while retaining a bit of a "pop" quality against the muted blues.

Jan-Mar Outfit #9

In Outfit #10, the skinny ankle jeans are a bit darker than the straight leg jeans above and make a column with the navy quilted vest to my eye. The scarf and earrings give a double dose of floral to this spring transition look.

Jan-Mar Outfit #10

Finally, Outfit #11 is a take on the classic white T + blue jeans combination, which I consider the ultimate neutral base layer. The bird cardigan is pulled in again, this time accessorized with navy, pink, and silver instead of red and gold. Due to the dominant navy background of the cardigan, it has an outer column effect with the jeans.

Jan-Mar Outfit #11

Do you have a favorite of these outfits?

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Michelle Churchman
Michelle Churchman
Apr 20, 2022

Red and blue is such an awesome combination! And I love pink and blue too (unfortunately most shades of pink, except neon, do not look great on me). Fabulous outfits all! You are so organized.


Apr 21, 2022
Replying to

Thanks, Michelle! It's good to know what colors don't suit you; it saves time!


Apr 15, 2022

I love the colors in your January-through-March wardrobe capsules. First of all, red and blue are a classic combination. But I also like how you incorporated pinks and tans.

Thank you for participating in Talent-Sharing Tuesdays Link-Up 15.


Apr 15, 2022
Replying to

Thanks, Carol! I'm looking forward to adding some more beige and white for summer.


jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo
Apr 14, 2022

No favorites because I really like them all. Is it just me, or do the pink flats remind you of bunny ears?? They are adorable really.

And I was shocked to read there were so few scarves. We know you have them, haha!! XOOX Jodie

Apr 14, 2022
Replying to

I hadn't noticed it, but now that you mention it, yes, lop rabbit ears 100%. Yeah I'm definitely going to have to increase the scarves, haha!

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