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6 Scarves 2021: Oct & Nov Additions, #1 Black & Grey, Gina

For an introduction to the 6 Scarves 2021 project, see this post.

For a description of my method, see this post.

Wow, did October just fly by or what? I was extremely busy with work so I ran out of time to put together a set of 6 Scarves posts, so I will make up now for lost time by combining and October and November additions into one post. I can't believe how close we are to the end of the year!

Over at The Vivienne Files, in October, Janice added a white turtleneck, a bright sweater, warm pants, ankle boots, and accessories to her six wardrobes.

Meanwhile, here in my world, the additions are getting rather random as I continue allocating pieces from my own closet into these capsules.

First, a reminder of the inspiration scarf, color palette, and clown-faced rabbit mascot for our black and grey based wardrobe.

October's garment additions include a modern "twin set" in medium-to-dark grey, black skinny pants, black and white shirt and vest, and a dark grey-black-based floral blouse...all neutrals except for the one print blouse in shades of pink.

October Garments: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

Medium grey 3/4 T - CJ Banks - 3X - $8.10 - 7/2020

Dark grey boyfriend cardigan - Loft - XXL - $29.70 - 9/2017

Black skinny pants - ana/JCP - 22W - $9.79 - 1/2020

Black/purple/pink lace-up blouse - ana/JCP - 1X - $12.76 - 2/2018

Black/white plaid moto vest - Chaps/Kohls - XXL - $25.00 - 11/2018

Black/white check shirt - thrifted, Tommy Hilfiger/ThredUp - 3X - $11.47 - 4/2020

Though October's accessories also tend toward the neutral, we have two bright scarves to liven things up: a medium blue solid and mint floral print. The DIY accessories in this set are the world's easiest black bead and gold spacer bead earrings on pre-made gold hoops. Gina's Sally is getting my most expensive pair of shoes: black and grey leopard print calf hair wedges that I spent $198 on (which is quite a lot for me). It's difficult for me to find shoes with any kind of heel that are comfortable enough, so when I found these wedges (using the Nike Air technology Cole Haan used have) that checked all my boxes for style and comfort, I didn't hesitate.

October Accessories: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

Medium soft blue scarf - Kohls - $6.55 - 11/2018

Mint/white/black floral scarf - thrifted, Goodwill - $3.99 - 7/2016

Silver 15mm bulky curb chain necklace - Fire Mountain Gems - $6.21 - 7/2021

Grey leather leaf earrings - Amazon - ?

Black bead/gold hoops - made by me - summer 2021

Mixed metal multi-chain necklace - Loft - $8.44 - 7/2020

Grey leopard wedges - Cole Haan/Nordstrom - $198.00 - 9/2013

Double strand pearls - Macy's - $69.00 - 12/2013

November is mostly a loungewear month for the 6 Scarves project because there's something about that onset of cold weather that puts me in mind of snuggly sweatpants and comfortable hoodies. While it's very common and absolutely OK to keep your loungewear separate from your primary wardrobe, it seems that we are in a pandemic-accelerated casualization of dress that suggests possibilities for crossing pieces between loungewear and out-and-about wear capsules. I am also VERY excited to see a long-sleeved T and pullover sweater in the light blue from our color palette enter the wardrobe!

November Garments: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

Grey/black herringbone pants - thrifted, Riders by Lee/Goodwill - 24W - $3.74 - 10/2018

Grey rabbit sweatpants - JCP - ?

Light blue long-sleeved seamed T - ana/JCP - 2X - $5.59 - 1/2020

Black long-sleeved T - Kohls - ?

Light grey hoodie - JCP - gift

Grey snow cat long-sleeved T - Kohls - ?

Black hoodie - JCP - gift

Dark grey hoodie - JCP - gift

Light blue pullover sweater - Karen Scott/Macy's - 3X - $17.99 - 12/2019

Aqua exercise T - JCP - ?

In my world, November is when scarf-wearing goes into high gear, so it is fitting that we have four print scarves in our accessories additions. For footwear, a pair of flats and some fuzzy boots will cover a range of temperatures, and just for fun, I also included my rabbit slippers that coordinate with the grey rabbit sweatpants.

November Accessories: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

White/blue/green paisley/floral print scarf - Target - $12.00 - 12/2013

Light blue paisley scarf - Target - $12.00 - 12/2014

Black/pink/blue striped scarf - Target - $12.00 - 12/2013

Black suede captoe flats - thrifted, Goodwill - $2.79 - 7/2015

Black/beige/grey stained glass scarf - Kohls - $6.79 - 11/2015

Hematite stud earrings - gift - over 20 years

Fuzzy black boots - Walmart - $20.00 - 12/2014

Grey/pink bunny slippers - ?

As we look at some representative outfits that can be created from our Oct & Nov additions, I'm arranging them in order from business casual to casual to lounge. Let's start with October's black skinny pants. I know that this silhouette is not fashion-forward right now, but I think skinny pants/jeans transcend the trends and have achieved modern classic status. I don't think I'm alone in finding the skinny silhouette comfortable, practical (esp. in wet conditions), easy to style, and flattering to wear.

Outfit #1 pairs the light blue T with the thick sweater-knit plaid moto vest, which is a really fun and surprisingly versatile piece. I purposely sized down a bit into the straight size XXL after trying the plus size version and finding it too voluminous. The fit on this one is close without being tight or snug--what Angie at YouLookFab calls the "tailored fit" in this post. I like that this vest is extremely comfortable to wear and move around in due to the sweater knit while also having structure.

Oct/Nov Outfit #1: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

Outfit #2 is based on the classic long-over-lean silhouette with a rear-covering drapey blouse and skinny pants. I kept the accessories simple so that the floral print takes center stage.

Oct/Nov Outfit #2: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

Outfit #3 is based on a simple column of color with a shirt-worn-as-jacket and a bright floral scarf that lends some print mix interest to the look and some color near the face for those of us who can be washed out by too much neutrality.

Oct/Nov Outfit #3: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

Next let's turn to November's cotton grey and black herringbone print pants in a traditional chinos cut. Outfit #4 keeps the base outfit very low-key in grey with hints of black, then adds a bright colored scarf to liven things up. I like that you could add just about any color of solid or print scarf to this outfit to change up the look!

Oct/Nov Outfit #4: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

Outfit #5 revisits the light blue accent color, this time in a cotton pullover sweater. I like how the soft light blue works with the herringbone pants that have a subtle print that at a distance just looks muted. I was pretty happy to see this striped scarf enter the Gina wardrobe because it is spot on with the color palette. And of course I like that the gold stripe on the flats repeats the metallic threads in the scarf and the gold in the earrings.

Oct/Nov Outfit #5: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

Outfit #6 adds a hoodie to an otherwise business casual outfit, which is a bit out of my comfort zone even though it's a very common thing to do. I just haven't been in the habit of mind of thinking of a hoodie as a thing one wears anywhere but for lounging and sleeping. But I think the black hoodie works very well here, forming a casual "twin set" look with the black T, providing a nice backdrop to paisley scarf. It definitely feels more natural to add a cardigan here, but I like that this capsule is shaking me up to think about new ways to wear things. I would totally wear this outfit, and I'm sure I would feel quite comfy doing so.

Oct/Nov Outfit #6: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

Finally, just for fun, let's see a couple very casual outfits with these cute rabbit sweatpants that I had to share. Outfit #7 is very much a weekend quick run to the store type outfit in my book.

Oct/Nov Outfit #7: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

Outfit #8 is a Netflix binge outfit with a very soft oversized hoodie and adorable bunny slippers. Does it seem strange to add a scarf to such an ensemble? Since I loathe wearing turtlenecks, I like to have a scarf available in the cold season and will wear one with anything, even pajamas while I sleep at night. (I have a couple dedicated scarves for sleeping in that I chose based on their rugged fabrication/construction so I don't have to worry about tearing them up like I might a delicate scarf.)

Oct/Nov Outfit #8: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

For today's garment focus, I will show three outfits with the dark floral blouse and two outfits with the black/white check shirt. In this April Outfit, you can see how easily the various pinks in the blouse blend it with a punch pink vest and burgundy/maroon tights and boots. I wore the white skirt to lighten up the look for spring.

April Outfit with Burgundy Floral Blouse

The next two outfits make me laugh a bit because they are long-over-lean sweater vest + skinny pants combinations using the same items in different colors. The top April outfit has a burgundy sweater vest from Macy's and dark grey skinny pants from JCP (the same model as the black skinny pants in this post). The bottom November outfit switches the colors: a grey sweater vest from Macy's and burgundy skinny pants from JCP. This is a silhouette I really like wearing, so I made a point of having a sweater vest + skinny pants "suit" in a few different neutral or semi-neutral colors that can mix-and-match.

April Outfit with Burgundy Floral Blouse
April Outfit with Burgundy Floral Blouse

Not sure why do many of today's outfits are from April, but here's another one...and this one is a real favorite of mine with a subtle four-way print mix from the shirt, blazer, scarf, and shoes. The pants are a traditional work trouser silhouette that is a nice change from the narrower skinny or straight leg cuts.

April Outfit with Black Check Shirt

In this May outfit, the check shirt is worn jacket-style over a white T for a spring look accented in bright pink and coral with gold flats that bookend my hair.

May Outfit with Black Check Shirt

Accompanying the two months of wardrobe additions, we have two new rabbit mascots to introduce today! First is Griselle, a grey Dutch rabbit with a lovely soft dewlap. She has the wild-rabbit-like "agouti" fur that has a rich heathery coloration, which is split up by the unmistakable Dutch white triangular face and front part of the body.

October Rabbit for #1 Black & Grey, Gina: Dutch

Speaking of white rabbit fur, November's addition to the Gina menagerie is Cloud the white Mini Rex...the softest kind of white rabbit you'll ever find! She is a fully albino rabbit with pure white fur and red eyes...but she does carry genes for color that can show up in her offspring if she is bred with a non-albino rabbit.

November Rabbit for #1 Black & Grey, Gina: White Mini Rex

Do you have loungewear that is separate from your "normal" clothes or do you keep everything together?

In my next capsule wardrobe post, we will take a look at the Oct & Nov additions for #2 Navy & Beige, Darcy.

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4 commentaires

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo
03 nov. 2021

I just LOVE that you included the binge watching outfit. I know what you mean about needing a scarf because our necks can get chilly!! OOXX Jodie

04 nov. 2021
En réponse à

We've got to be prepared for all events in our lives, including the ones that aren't very photogenic ;)


03 nov. 2021

I like that you were able to include loungewear in your capsule - and those bunny slippers are adorable!!!

My loungewear is really mostly older pieces that I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing out, haha! I'm wearing cute pants today I could probably wear outdoors (and will when I go get the mail), but my tee is one I thrifted that washed and wore wonderfully twice and then came out the washing machine the third time looking like it had aged 100 years - definitely not outdoor wear (other than to the mailbox, ha!). I'm not going to be on camera for WFH today and my in laws are doing the school run to get some time with the kids so…

04 nov. 2021
En réponse à

I definitely have loungewear (and sleepwear) like that too! Pieces that have been downgraded from street wear to home wear. It is a practical choice, especially for cute pieces that somehow age a million years in the wash. Ugh, I had a really cute Eddie Bauer T in the *perfect* cool, light brown color with a floral pattern on the front, and after two washes, the entire upper half of the back side had lost most of its dye! I wore it a few more times with a cardigan over it but it quickly started losing massive dye on the front too. SIGH.

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