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3 Layered Necklaces: August Staycation Edition

Welcome to another round-up of three layered necklaces that I have worn as part of my outfit of the day with discussion of how I put these necklaces together.

I can't let Summer 2022 come to a close without a 3 Layered Necklaces post! Today I'm featuring 3 OOTD from 3 days in August (Fri, Sat, & Mon) when I was on vacation (staycation) for some casual summer style inspiration.

The infamous shrinking rabbit shirt that I now wear as a lightweight summer topper layer over a tank is the starting point for Outfit #1. You have seen this shirt before over a white tank + white skirt and over a peacock blue tank + denim capris, for example. But I recently had the epiphany that the blue in the shirt is fundamentally a denim/chambray blue, so it can be worn as a neutral...just reinforcing the lesson that animal print is a neutral, right?! Whatever we believe about this rabbit print, we can safely say that it's blue, so I styled it in a complementary color scheme with orange. I repeated orange in the tank (a dark rusty orange), leather earrings, and shoes so the color appears throughout the outfit for a pulled-together look. (And now I have another example of the matching top + shoes color formula.) I styled it with dark wash denim ankle pants for low-contrast with the rabbit shirt. And this time I thought to tuck the end of the tank under itself so that it was shorter than the rabbit shirt, which definitely made for a neater look.

Outfit #1: OOTD 8/19/22

With so much color elsewhere, I kept the necklaces (mostly) neutral: white pearls, mixed metal multi-chain necklace, long gold/silver pendant, and my DIY gold paperclip chain necklace with an enamel Alice in Wonderland charm (blue dress version to coordinate). Pearls/beads + short chain(s) + short pendant/charm + long pendant is not an uncommon combination for me.

Oh, I guess there are actually 4 touches of orange in this outfit since my DIY bracelet stack has a dull orange stone bead bracelet, as well as mixed gold/silver beads, black glass/clear beads, and white glass beads. You can see a close-up of the Alice charm here. I am amused that she appears to be looking very carefully at the white rabbit, perhaps curious whether it is the White Rabbit?

Outfit #2 is one of those ridiculously comfortable knit skirt outfits that can fool people into thinking you're dressed up. I actually wore this on the weekend, but I would readily wear it for work also (either WFH or in my office). I used the road map styling technique for selecting my colors around this cheerful floral print. I pulled the mint/aqua color into my lace-front T and DIY t-shirt headband, and I took the pink and white into the striped shirt. Technically, there's kind of a lot going on with the textured T and two print items, but to my eye, this is not at all overwhelming. I did keep my earrings and shoes very low-key, however.

Outfit #2: 8/20/22

I was quite pleased with how this simple aqua/mint + silver layered necklace looked with the outfit...colorful but restrained. Because the necklace colors are tonally coordinated with the lace top, it's an easy low-contrast option...and it can look quite sophisticated. I usually put the long pendant as the lowest necklace in a layered look, but I liked how it looked here with the beaded strand framing the pendant.

My bracelet stack has the ubiquitous silver Amazon bracelet plus the four DIY bracelets that make up my "blue/aqua/pink/silver" set. The paper tube beads were made from a catalog page that had a lot of different small clothing images in coordinating colors. The striped paper bicone beads came from a Lands End catalog page with a stack of colorful sweatshirts. (I didn't manage to snap photos of the original paper.) I made an aqua magnesite bracelet and pink glass bracelet to go with them. This set has a summery feel from the flower and butterfly beads...and see how well the flower bead matches the daisies in the pendant? Lots of floral vibes in this outfit.

Outfit #3 started with the ivory striped shirt that works well as a stand-alone top or as a lightweight topper worn open over a knit tank/top. I let the shirt and the 3 piece layered necklace take the spotlight by finishing the outfit with the same denim ankle pants as in Outfit #1 and nude wedges. I generally do have one longer piece in my layered necklaces, but I had a lot of crafting lined up for the day and didn't want anything long that would get in the way. This sloth mama & baby necklace is so cute, but it can be frustrating because the length is not adjustable (it uses a box/tab clasp). But I think the sloth duo has a rather jaunty look in this OOTD.

Outfit #3: OOTD 8/22/22

My bracelet stack (all DIY) has 3 elements: 3 small glass pearl bracelets in a mixture of purple, maroon, peach, and gold that were made to wear with this shirt; 2 small mixed metal spacer bracelets; and a rose brown glass bead bracelet with gold rose motif spacers. I've been making my own bracelets for 3 summers now, so I get to experience the simple pleasure of stacking together pieces from different yearly collections! (The 6mm brown bracelet is from summer 2022, and the other 4mm pieces are from summer 2021.)

Is the weather cooperating with lightweight layering where you live yet?

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