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16 Red or Pink Outfits for Valentine's Day

Although heart-themed items are popular for Valentine's Day, there's no reason to purchase something with an obvious holiday motif if you aren't really into it. An outfit with red or pink (or both) will add a festive flair to your day without looking costume-y. (If you like to do costume-y then lean into that!) Here is a round-up of 16 OOTD featuring red or pink, across a variety of weather/season options, to help spark your thinking.

Do you like wearing red or pink or red and pink? Do you like celebrating Valentine's Day? Do you hate it? I think it's a holiday that carries some negative energy for some people, so it's interesting to see how people are reclaiming it for a broad variety of forms of love, not just romantic love. At this point in my life, Valentine's Day is mostly an excuse to eat Reese's peanut butter hearts with my Robot.

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