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OOTD x3: Cool Weather Rabbit Tops

With the arrival of November, I switched my warm weather and cold weather clothes in my closet. This isn't a big thing, since I don't pack away out-of-season clothes; I just rotate them around for accessibility. The most important part of the switch is moving my long-sleeved tops and cold weather vests/jackets down from the top rail of the closet (the "can't reach without standing on a step stool" rail) to the bottom rail, and putting the short-sleeved and sleeveless tops and warm weather vests/jackets up on the top rail.

Here are 3 outfits of the day from the first half of November that feature my colder weather bunny themed tops.

The first outfit was built around this dark green jackrabbit blouse from Loft that coordinates well with most neutrals and many semi-neutrals/colored neutrals, such as the cream cardigan vest and burgundy jeans here. The jeans are the infamous Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans, which I own in brown and burgundy and that I readily wear to work (including to the office in pre-pandemic times) as though they are just another pair of cotton pants because they do not have a strong "this is denim" vibe.

OOTD 11/1/21

To accessorize, I wore the gold glittery headband from Amazon that I wear multiple times per week as a low-contrast option, clear crystal floral earrings from Baublebar, a mixed faux pearl multi-strand necklace also from Loft, and a stack of stretch bracelets...the ubiquitous gold bracelets from Amazon plus DIY dark burgundy garnet bead and dark green seed bead bracelets.

This vacation Friday outfit features the lop rabbit with the beret that I call my "lapin" (French for rabbit) top. I love wearing it with this crystal statement necklace because it is reminiscent of a crown on top of the bunny's head. I took the large square scarf and gave it a messy bias fold, then wore it to sort of line the edges of the blazer, which is a nifty look, I think. I liked the way the colors and dots in the scarf repeated other elements of the outfit, and I didn't even let it bother me that the blazer is navy and the dark areas of the scarf are black...though I did have to take a metaphorical deep breath in and out.

OOTD 11/5/21

My bracelet stack of the day included a silver Amazon bracelet, a silver/light blue bracelet from CJ Banks, and DIY bracelets in various shades of pink glass pearls and navy seed beads. Obviously I had to wear the navy seed bead bracelet with silver spacer beads and a little rabbit with a flower charm to continue the sweet bunny theme.

I decided to retire this fun polka dot blazer halfway through the day as I didn't feel as comfortable in it as I prefer. It's made from a ponte knit, but it's lined, so it doesn't have much stretch; it's a hint tight across the shoulders; and the shaping of the jacket's body puts the narrowest part above the smallest part of my waist, so it feels strange. I have enough jackets and cardigans that I don't need to hold on to something that feels off to me. (I switched to a blue t-shirt knit cardigan and immediately felt much better.) I'm letting the blazer go with a cost per wear of $1.40, which is above my <$1.00 goal but isn't bad.

Finally, this weekend outfit marks my first wear of this adorable rabbit sweater for the season. I kept the rest of the look quite simple so as not to distract from the bunnies. Every time I wear these rosy-pewter snakeskin print loafers, I am surprised by how much they coordinate with my bare skin (which as you can see is very close to the color of this pale blush pink sweater). I admit that wearing an outfit with these light colors that work with my skin tone makes me understand where the personal color analysis people who emphasize warm-vs-cool skin undertone and light-vs-dark value are coming from. (Once my hair starts going silver, the color coordination is going to be a slam dunk, but I am currently bedeviled by the golden aspects of my hair.)

OOTD 11/13/21

Up close, the rabbits' expressions are cute...the left one is a bit apprehensive about their ears covered in flowers while the right one is disapproving of all this human nonsense. Here you can see the entire set of 4 DIY pink pearl bracelets, of which I wore the darker two in the previous outfit, accompanied by the silver Amazon bracelets. It would definitely be fun to make a set of bracelets specifically for this sweater, which I will wear many more times before the cold weather is gone (in May or so).

I have seen multiple articles online about how "women over 40" shouldn't wear cute animal themed clothing because it is juvenile. Style advice for plus sized "older" women is often even more stark and joyless. In these outfits you can see how much credence I put in these global statements that treat reaching age 40 like falling off a cliff or treat being fat like a sin for which I must do sartorial penance.

What fashion advice for your age, size, or shape are you enjoying ignoring these days?

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