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OOTD x2: High Priority Items and Ponytail Scarf Bows

Welcome to another round-up of recent summer outfits, this time with two outfits featuring items from my summer high priority wear list.

In this previous post, I described how I selected these 13 garments as my high priority wear items for the summer (and created a 21 For 21 capsule wardrobe around them).

In this follow-up post, I shared these 15 high priority wear accessories (and completed a 21-piece accessory capsule to accompany the 21 For 21 wardrobe capsule).

Teal blouse + white skirt + chevron cardigan - plus size summer outfit idea for women over 40

My first OOTD contains 4 items from the above high priority collection: the teal floral skirt, ivory lace jacket, green gumdrop necklace, and nude wedges.

Teal blouse + white skirt + colorful print scarf - plus size summer outfit idea for women over 40
OOTD 6/30/22

It's actually very similar to the second outfit idea I created for this skirt in the capsule post; I am just wearing a softer aloe vera green short-sleeved T instead of the lime green tank.

And because this is another Layered Necklace Summer for me, a couple other pieces have joined the green gumdrop necklace.

Teal blouse + white skirt + colorful scarf - plus size summer outfit idea for women over 40

With my all DIY bracelet stack, I tried something a little bit different from normal. The two teal glass bead bracelets and the two teal paper bead bracelets are part of the same set, and I have worn them (and shared them) before. But because of the ivory jacket, I thought it would be interesting to mix in a trio of small cream wooden bead bracelets as well. I am not 100% sold on the combination of the glass pearls and the natural-looking wooden beads (esp. the white + cream combo), but it's something to explore further.

DIY pink teal white black bracelet - plus size summer outfit idea for women over 40

As another experiment, I decided to try something different on my slicked back "late in the hair wash cycle" ponytail...adding a scarf in a giant bow! I had initially selected this scarf to wear with the outfit around my neck, but due to the warm weather, I switched to the layered necklace instead. But still liking the idea of this scarf (and the print mix it creates with the skirt), I tried it this way instead. I am a fan of the result! The scarf is what I consider a moderate sized oblong scarf made from a gauzy lightweight fabric and it drapes well without being at all heavy.

My second OOTD features the denim ankle pants and navy floral button-up shirt from the high priority list. I wore the shirt in my favorite a lightweight shirt-jacket...over a simple olive tank.

Coral top + coral pants + black cardigan - plus size summer outfit idea for women over 40
OOTD 7/1/22

I created a four-piece layered necklace for this outfit: the DIY dark blue/periwinkle/silver multi-strand seed bead necklace, a pale blue and silver pendant on a leather strap, a mixed metal multi-chain necklace, and a pink/gold peacock pendant. (The last time I'd worn this shirt, I had drawn out the yellow from the print, so I liked highlighting the blue and pink this time.) I extended the olive theme with the olive leopard print ballet flats.

DIY cream blue pink bracelet - plus size summer outfit idea for women over 40

My daily bracelet stack is again all DIY pieces, starting with a paper bead bracelet set that I created specifically to coordinate with this floral shirt. It has navy/yellow bicone paper beads, yellow/blue/pink floral print tube paper beads, and yellow/blue colorblock bicone paper beads as its foundation pieces. I added 4mm camel-gold stone beads, 6x6mm square lapis lazuli beads, and 5mm mixed metal spacer beads to finish the stack.

Chuffed by my success with the previous day's giant hair bow, I tried it again with an even larger (but still very lightweight) scarf for an extra-giant bow. It's getting big enough to be pretty silly at this point, but it was still quite comfortable and I found it oddly cheering to see.

Mint top + camel skirt + print jacket - plus size summer outfit idea for women over 40

Maybe I'm just hoping to channel my inner English Lop...very silly but still cute!

English Lop Rabbit

Do you ever wear scarves in your hair? Do you have a go-to style or covering-up strategy for "late in the wash cycle" or bad hair days in the summer?

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