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OOTD: Striped Sweatshirt & Beaded Stretch Bracelets

If you've been following my capsule wardrobe posts, you may recognize this striped sweatshirt from the March additions to the #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia wardrobe. I like that it's comfortable in warm weather because it's not as thick as a traditional sweatshirt (though I wouldn't wear it in truly hot weather). While that mustard-y yellow stripe is not a terrific color for me, I don't mind it in the context of the other colors and where it's situated (not right next to my skin). And in a continuing effort to play with mixing colors that don't quite match, I paired it with these light yellow ankle pants. I approve of this combination! These two pieces are from the Crazy Christopher & Banks Sales of 2020 that added a significant number of these soft, dusky not-quite-pastel colors to my wardrobe, so I guess it's no surprise that they coordinate well.

OOTD 5/26/21

Light yellow ankle pants - CJ Banks - 24W - $6.79 - 12/2020

Dusky pink/mint/blue striped sweatshirt - CJ Banks - 3X - $15.45 - 9/2020

Pearl/rose gold/sparkles 3-strand necklace - Kohls - $13.26 - 12/2020

Metallic denim snakeskin flats - Nine West - $33.13 - 2/2021

It feels a little odd not to wear a scarf with this top, but I wanted to let it be the stand-out piece. I kept my accessories simple: a faux pearl/rose gold necklace, snakeskin flats, a floral handkerchief from Loft that I only wear as a headband, and a bracelet stack. Yes, this is more evidence of my new beading hobby; I made the golden-yellow, light blue, mint, and sandstone pink seed bead bracelets. The two larger rose gold metallic bead bracelets are from a set of silver, gold, and rose gold toned ones that I bought on Amazon.

I really like creating a Stack of the Day from my collection of stretch bead bracelets. I cannot abide wearing most bracelets because they clank into things like my computer keyboard in an annoying manner and are always reminding me that they are there...on my wrist...ugh. The only ones I've been able to tolerate--let alone enjoy--are these small bead bracelets that fit snuggly (but not tightly!) at the wrist. They have a low profile, don't bang on anything, and don't shift around while I'm wearing them.

They remind me of a certain style of beaded cuff bracelet (for example, this one), but because they are individual strands, they are totally mix-and-match-able, and I can combine multiple sizes of beads as desired. I think 7 strands is a pretty good number for me. Sometimes I'll wear 5 but I think that makes a somewhat too-narrow "cuff" for my taste unless it has several of the larger metallic bead bracelets. I could probably go up to 9 strands easily, but I'm guessing that anything above that (in this size of seed bead) would be a bit much for me.

Wait, technically, there is one other style that I don't mind wearing, but that is just a bit bulky...which is a bracelet made from braided t-shirt material. I have made a few braided t-shirt headbands, and when I have braided a longer amount than I need for the headband, I glue the remaining braid into a bracelet. It makes for a cute pop of color option (mine so far are all one color, but they wouldn't need to be). But overall, I think I would prefer the braided t-shirt bracelet to be thinner than what I like for a headband. (Mine are similar to this in size, whereas I'd prefer something more like this.)

Do you wear bracelets? What style(s) do you prefer?

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Jun 19, 2021

The pastels are so nice together - that's such a cute striped knit and it does work so well with the pants! :)

I really like the bracelet stack too - I'm a big fan of a bracelet stack although I do try pick quieter pieces for work days - I have 5 bracelets I never take off and usually add a few more to the stack most days!

Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup :) Hope you're having a nice weekend, it's another cold wintery one here.

Jun 21, 2021
Replying to

"Quieter pieces for work days" is a great way of putting it! We are having a lovely first day of summer today, sunny with a high of 66 F / 19 C. Keep warm down there.


Liz Klebba, AICI-CIC
Liz Klebba, AICI-CIC
Jun 15, 2021

Those embroidered combos make me think of the elastic waist polyester pants they used to sell in the Parade Magazine section of the Sunday newspaper... Do they still publish Parade?

Minimum Wage.... Heee-YAH!

Jun 16, 2021
Replying to

Oh man, those pants, I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm so glad that fiber science has improved to where we can have comfortable clothes that don't look like the comfortable clothes of the past!


jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo
Jun 14, 2021

Oh, I adore this sweatshirt. In fact, I have one very similar and trust me it won't see the light of day for awhile here in Arizona, LOL!!

As for bracelets, I've only just discovered how wonderful they are since retiring. Trust me, you don't want your dentist wearing something that's going to slam into your face all the time, right?? XOOX Jodie

Jun 14, 2021
Replying to

Oh my, as a dentist you would definitely want to avoid bracelets, haha!

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