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6 Scarves 2021: September Additions, #1 Black & Grey, Gina

For an introduction to the 6 Scarves 2021 project, see this post.

For a description of my method, see this post.

Happy first day of Autumn, Northern Hemisphere friends! It's time for us to get moving with our September additions.

Over at The Vivienne Files, Janice added a sweater and skirt in neutrals and a button up long-sleeved shirt in a neutral or accent color to each of her wardrobes. Very nice selections, but when I think of September, I think of the start of the school year and the switch from shorts to jeans. So our additions this month will feature jeans, but otherwise they are all over the place, though with the transition from summer to fall as a guiding theme.

First, a reminder of the inspiration scarf, color palette, and adorable rabbit mascot for our black and grey based wardrobe.

The jeans for the Gina wardrobe are a pair of medium wash straight leg jeans. There is absolutely nothing trendy about them (I purchased them four years ago!), but a basic pair of straight leg jeans provide a good wear-with-anything silhouette. The second denim piece this month is a black denim vest with vertical stripes in various blue denim-y shades. The other topper is a versatile lightweight cardigan with a waffle texture.

September Pants and Toppers: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

Straight leg jeans - Lee/JCP - 18W - $36.00 - 9/2017

Denim striped vest - thrifted, CJ Banks/Goodwill - 1X - $6.99 - 12/2018

White waffle cardigan - thrifted, CJ Banks/Goodwill - 3X - $5.24 - 10/2018

It's great to see two more garments representing the blue section of the color palette come into our capsule this month; that has definitely been an under-developed area of the wardrobe so far. Our new tops all have a bright cheerful vibe to them, which is not at all stereotypical of autumn. But despite what the calendar says, September is still warm in much of the US, and I'm letting the additions to the Gina wardrobe keep that summer feel going a bit longer.

September Tops: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

Baby blue/white striped tank - thrifted, Target - 1X - $2.99 - 2/2018

Light blue Henley T - Croft & Barrow/Kohls - 2X - $11.59 - 6/2018

Grey toucan T - Croft & Barrow/Kohls - 3X - $5.00 - 8/2019

I love the colorful set of accessories entering the wardrobe this month! We see more of that blue in the bead bracelets, the earrings, and in the multi-colored necklace and striped scarf. Even the primarily-black ballet flats have blue in the plaid. Rounding out the accessory additions are a large-scale silver tone circle necklace, a pewter owl pendant, gold/silver tree earrings, grey and silver bracelets, and a pair of casual sneakers.

September Accessories: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

Bright pink/blue striped infinity scarf - Walmart - $8.00 - 8/2016

Silver large circles and chain endless strand necklace - Fire Mountain Beads - $3.89 - 7/2021

Silver/gold tree earrings - Target - ?

Pewter owl pendant - Mudd/Kohls - $9.45 - 5/2015

Will ball necklace - Macy's - $36.50 - 7/2014

Grey seed bead bracelets - made by me - summer 2021

Silver/light blue bead bracelet - CJ Banks - ?

Baby blue seed bead bracelets - made by me - summer 2020

Silver glass pearl bead bracelet - made by me - summer 2021

Sky blue prism oval stud earrings - Loft - ?

Blue/black sparkly flats - thrifted, Target - $5.24 - 2/2016

Cream Skechers - Kohls - ?

I thought this summer absolutely flew by, and I'm not quite psychologically ready to greet the fleeting fall season that portends the near start of winter. Don't get me wrong, I love winter! I just don't need the 6 months of it we get in St Paul. (People here talk about how great it is to live where there are four seasons. Yeah...I just wish that winter wasn't two of them.) So the still-feeling-summer additions here reflect the part of me that wants that summer feeling to continue.

Outfit #1 definitely has that summer weekend wish-fulfillment vibe with a cute "zoological" print T, jeans, sneakers, and fun accessories, capped by the crazy bright-colored necklace that I call my "wild ball" necklace. That necklace really is the epitome of summer statement necklaces to me.

September Outfit #1: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

Outfit #2 is the rare double-denim look I would actually wear because it combines blue denim with black denim. I'm good with combining different colors of denim but personally can't deal with two pieces in the same color; I'm just not a double blue denim person, even if the pieces are in different washes of blue. I think this is a really terrific denim vest with the black denim background and various blue stripes. And naturally it looks really great with a light blue top. I haven't worn the vest with these shoes before, but I like how both of them are black/blue patterns. Overall, I find this outfit extremely coordinated color-wise but still interesting due to the variety in the style of the pieces.

September Outfit #2: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

Outfit #3 is our print mix option with two very different striped items that share the blue and white colors. I'm once again styling the infinity scarf with a long pendant necklace underneath; an owl with black eyes that pick up the hints of black in the scarf and the black-based flats. I would wear the cardigan with the arms pushed or rolled up to a 3/4 sleeve length; due to the color and cut, it can look a little bit doctor's white coat costume for my taste.

September Outfit #3: #1 Black & Grey, Gina

For today's garment focus, I will show a couple ways I've worn the blue striped peplum top and one way I've worn the light blue T. First, this May outfit has all the spring vibes, doesn't it? It's a little bit Easter Egg looking, sure, but there's nothing wrong with that from time to time.

May Outfit with Light Blue Henley T

Next I have two outfits that pair the blue striped peplum top with blue denim. In this June outfit, a lightweight 3/4 sleeve denim shirt is worn as a jacket, which is my summer alternative to an actual denim jacket. The blue and white color scheme looks very cool and fresh.

June Outfit with Blue Striped Peplum Tank

In this outfit from last July, I wore the striped tank with a dark denim pencil skirt and tried out a scarf as a makeshift kimono for an exceptionally lightweight and breezy top layer. Does this combination emphasize my hips when I'm standing up? Yep. But I felt so comfortable for my WFH day that I didn't even care. I also wore the wild ball necklace in this outfit, so you can see what a fun piece it is to wear. For once I decided to pull my beachy waves to the front when photographing to memorialize my long, untamed pandemic hair.

July Outfit with Blue Striped Tank & Wild Ball Necklace

The new rabbit mascot for September is a blue Netherland Dwarf named Dorrie! She is a tiny thing, weighing in at 1 to 2.5 pounds. We have seen blue rabbits in our menageries before: Sophia, the Mini Rex mascot for the #6 Grey & Navy wardrobe, is also a blue rabbit as are Bonnie the Polish and Melanie the Mini Lop in the #3 Navy & Grey Lily wardrobe. But it was high time for a blue bunny to enter the Gina menagerie!

September Rabbit for #1 Black & Grey, Gina: Blue Netherland Dwarf

Are you ready for the change in seasons or are you feeling like a bit of a hold-out like me this time around?

In my next capsule wardrobe post, we will take a look at the September additions for #2 Navy & Beige, Darcy.

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Sep 25, 2021

I am loving all of these outfits, Sally! This is a weird Fall for me. We moved from Las Vegas - where it was still very much summer on 9/20 to Asheville, where it is substantially cooler although the foliage is still green. It’s been in the mid 70’s when the sun is shining. My body is totally confused.

Sep 25, 2021
Replying to

Are you in Asheville NC? That's a HUGE change from Las Vegas! I hope your body figures out what's happening soon and that you enjoy your new home. I have never been to Asheville but hear that it's gorgeous there.


jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo
Sep 23, 2021

I didn't think the last outfit emphasized your hips at all Sally. But it's funny how we focus on things that others don't notice!! It's still VERY much summer here, so I'm with you!! OXOX Jodie

Sep 23, 2021
Replying to

Jodie, haha, it's always a good reminder that the "flaws" we see are so often completely not there when other people look!

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