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3 Layered Necklaces: With a Scarf Edition

Welcome to another round-up of three layered necklaces that I have worn as part of my outfit of the day recently with discussion of how I put these necklaces together. With the onset of fall, and with the encouragement of Jodie, I am including outfits with at least two necklaces plus a scarf. For extra inspiration, I am also showing the bracelet stacks that went with these necklace + scarf combination outfits.

I'm starting with a bonus outfit (Outfit #0, if you will) that I shared recently in the Oct & Nov additions to the Lily wardrobe. I liked the stripe-on-stripe print mix and the way the skinny silky scarf looked tied low in a knot.

Outfit #0: OOTD 10/25/21

This bead stretch bracelet stack contains two gold bracelets from my Amazon package of gold, silver, and rose gold bracelets, chosen to coordinate with the gold lantern pendant, supplemented by DIY seed bead bracelets in red and navy/red/clear mix. For once, the mix bracelets were not designed to pair with any specific piece in my wardrobe, but for outfits on and around July 4 and for general purpose red/white/blue use cases...since I am happy to wear this combination year-round. I have a decided tendency to be matchy-matchy with my bracelet stacks these days, so it's an achievement for me to go with these light and mid-tone red beads rather than exactly matching with maroon stripe on the scarf!

Moving on to the outfits I haven't shown before, Outfit #1 initially had only the olive scarf and no necklaces, but it was a warm enough day (inside my apartment) that I decided to wear the scarf draped around my neck to frame a trio of necklaces. I started with the multi-color jewel-tone crystal necklace then added my two go-to options in the mid-length (sloth) and longer (lantern) pendant categories. I like how the bracelet stack is one of my less matchy creations: the same Amazon gold bracelets as above with two bracelets of yellow stone and a single bracelet made from a mix of stone beads (which, however, was made to coordinate with this top!).

Outfit #1: OOTD 11/4/21

Outfit #2 confounded me at first, until I realized how to wear the scarf to work with the necklaces...i.e., in the silky square version of the striped twilly scarf in Outfit #0. I really like the effect that a long scarf (or a square one made skinnier with a bias fold or just twisted up) has when worn peeking out from under the edges of a jacket, but sometimes it can be a little floppier than I like at the ends. (It's hard to describe what I mean, but sometimes I am pleased with how the ends of the scarf lie loose and sometimes it looks messy to me.) Tying it up into a little knot at the end solves the floppy/messy looking problem. The hammered silver necklace looks nice against my skin, but the silver paperclip chain with the White Rabbit pendant is fairly lost against the white top, especially with the stitched area at the neckline. But maybe that's appropriate in its way...wasn't Alice always losing sight of the White Rabbit?

Outfit #2: OOTD 11/9/21

I arranged the scarf so the orange and purple colors showed up the best, though it also contains aqua in addition to the lime green. Following a bracelet stack formula that is becoming very apparent, I wore two silver bracelets from that Amazon set along with some DIY seed bead bracelets in orange and purple plus a bracelet with purple glass pearls. (Furthering orange as my second accent, I also wore a DIY coral-orange braided t-shirt headband that I didn't manage to take a photo of.)

Finally, the scarf + necklace combo in Outfit #3 was straight-up inspired by Lesley's recent shacket outfit on Jodie's Touch of Style. I loved that she combined a scarf-braided-as-a-necklace with a metallic pendant and decided I needed to try out this combination.

I had my opportunity two days later when I was scheduled to wear my koi print scarf with a peacock blue outfit in the midst of a terrible allergy flare-up exacerbated by having the windows open for days. (Like, wake up in the middle of the night with stabbing ear ache from congestion and all over body aches that help you understand where the term "hay fever" came from, necessitating that you sit in the dark in the living room having dosed yourself with olive oil in the ears...weird but quite effective...and a couple extra strength Tylenol, lying on your acupressure neck and back mats in your recliner, watching Schitt's Creek on spoilers, I'm on season 4...until you think you maybe have relieved the pain enough to fall asleep again.) The upshot of all this allergy nonsense being that I wanted to experience a minimum of stuff-blowing-in-through-the-open-windows, which unfortunately meant warmer indoor temperatures from the mostly closed windows. Which in turn meant not wanting to feel bundled up in a scarf. Thus, the perfect time to wear the scarf braided up as a necklace!

The scarf braided up very nicely, and I judged the size of the resulting necklace just right to cover the neckline of my top. It was a good choice to frame my face with this light teal/mint color that is a flattering one on me, I think. I was on video call for almost four hours of the work day, after a night of interrupted and inadequate sleep, so I needed all the help I could get in looking alive and healthy.

With the braided scarf necklace in place, I chose two gold necklaces to round out the look: the Zork lantern that's on heavy rotation at the moment and the long circle necklace that does such a great job of framing the pendant. And yes, I'm wearing my cheetah Oxfords again, like in Outfit #1. They are my go-to "shoes to wear with pants in the fall" choice that seem to coordinate with just about everything.

Outfit #3: OOTD 11/11/21

Speaking of cheetah print shoes, I was recently crushing hard on the ivory cheetah loafers that Jodie wore in her shacket outfit post, and though that particular style appears no longer available from Walking Cradles, they do have a really cute flat in that ivory cheetah print. If I didn't already have these only-two-years-old cheetah Oxfords and a pair of very nice mid-tone leopard pointy-toed flats, I would have to give the ivory cheetah flats serious consideration! I find an animal print shoe extremely versatile, and I really like the light color of the ivory print, which is quite unusual. (Jodie is an ambassador for the company, so head over to her site for more information and a discount code.)

A last styling note for Outfit #3 is that the light suede/corduroy jacket I'm wearing is a zip-up style with a rounded neck that looks terrific zipped up but that sometimes leaves me at a loss worn unzipped. I felt like the round neck interfered with the necklaces and flopped around too much. So I just tucked the corners under to make a faux V-neck out of it, which worked quite well.

That's twice in this post I've complained about something being "floppy" but I am not anti-flop in a general sense. For example, I love rabbits when they are all flopped out, like this gorgeous bunny showing off his soft light-colored belly. This fur coloration pattern is called "otter," which is kind of confusing until you look at what the underside of an otter looks like! (And you owe it to yourself to look at some otter images; they are adorable.)

Have you tried a scarf + necklace combination? Are you a fan of animal print shoes?

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