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OOTD: Splash Blue, Coral, and New Glasses

This outfit of the day was built around this no-iron floral long-sleeved shirt from Lands End that I got on a great sale last year. My mom wanted to buy the shirt also but it was sold out in her size. It's pretty rare that being plus size works to my advantage, but in this case, I got lucky that it was available in my size.

To layer under the shirt, I wanted a dash of color, so I tried out this top. I basically love the color of this t-shirt, which was called Splash Blue by Christopher & Banks. I bought it because of the cut--it's a not-too-wide boatneck with elbow-length sleeves and a few cute buttons on the sleeve. I had this T in a couple other colors so when the splash blue went on sale, I picked it up. It was only after seeing it on that I fell in love with the color...because it is a very good color on me. Sadly, it's the only item I own in this usual, I wish I had a "twin set" instead of just the top, but the top was all they had in this color.

I wasn't sure how the blues in the shirt and T would work together, but I like the result! To keep things looking light and summery, I wore it with my trusty white skirt and simple nude-to-me wedges.

OOTD: 7/14/2021

White textured skirt - thrifted, Talbots - 20W - $16.99 - 3/2019

Splash blue boatneck T - CJ Banks - 3X - $8.10 - 7/2020

Light blue/coral floral shirt - Lands End - 20W - $12.48 - 2/2020

Orange/sandstone/gold multi-strand seed bead necklace - made by me - 5/2021

Orange drop bead/gold strand - made by me - summer 2020

Long gold tassel necklace - Kohls - $20.00 - 12/2014

Long gold circles necklace - JCP - $9.60 - 2/2018

Orange tiger-eye/gold hoops - made by me - summer 2021

Gold/silver bracelet - CJ Banks

Obviously a layered necklace look was in order, and of course I started with the orange and gold seed bead necklace I made in May. I like how the orange pops against the blue and picks up the coral color of the floral print. The thin top necklace is a simple strand I put together using several orange drop beads (from my Amazon bulk bead order) to punctuate the tiny gold-tone spacer beads. It's kind of weird how much I love that simple strand. I have looked at a LOT of bead necklace tutorials and examples in the last year, but I haven't seen one quite like this. To complete the look, I wanted to add a longer necklace, so I chose my go-to gold tassel necklace. When I was looking at the necklace section of my spreadsheet, I saw the listing for this long gold circles necklace and wondered if I could wear the two long gold necklaces together. What do you think? I like how they overlap and create a beefier look than either does separately.

And because I'm all about these easy "add beads to a hoop, close it, put on the French hook" earrings right now, I made this orange tiger-eye bead pair to wear with it (which rounds out the number of orange accessories to 3, beauty bundle territory). This outfit is not the very first one I wore with my new spectacles, but it may be the first time I've shared a close up view here. These are larger (taller) yet a bit less dramatic than my old ones (muted gold cat-eyes) and have a light coppery-colored wire frame. It's odd...I always think that silver should look better on me than gold due to my skin tone, but when I try silver-tone glasses, they don't look quite right to me. I think I prefer the glasses to coordinate with my hair color. Maybe when my hair starts going grey, the silver will seem more harmonious?

The larger size of the lenses is extremely handy for progressive bifocal lenses. Plus I'm pleased that these glasses don't rub against my eyelashes and get all smudgy like my last pair did. I know, you're wondering What eyelashes? but I do have them...they are just ridiculously light blonde. I know other people wear mascara successfully with glasses but I think that would require curling my eyelashes first,, yeah, that's not a thing I'm going to do. My makeup "routine" is pretty sparse: lotion, foundation or concealer (for in-office work, one or the other; I haven't bothered during WFH), face powder, and sometimes/often tinted lip balm or lipstick.

I have never been in the habit of wearing eye makeup of any kind because (a) glasses, sure, but more importantly (b) I HATE getting things near my eyes. I had to seriously white-knuckle my way through about 3 hours of eye exam stuff to get these new glasses, and I did manage to do everything but the puff of air test, which I refused because it is physically impossible for me to keep my eyes open to be puffed on. The optometrist I saw the entire time I was growing up said that I have the strongest blink reflex he has ever seen...which seems so typical for me. I have a number of dubious distinctions.

Have you gotten new glasses or contacts since the start of the pandemic? Have you changed your makeup routine at all?

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