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6 Scarves 2021: March Additions, #2 Navy & Beige, Darcy

For an introduction to the 6 Scarves 2021 project, see this post.

For a description of my method, see this post.

March Madness continues with the Darcy wardrobe today. Any guess as to what colors will be added this month?

Wheeeeeeeee! All the colors! I am fairly astonished by how well that navy floral skirt fits into this palette: navy with coral, aqua, and yellow flowers (plus emerald green leaves). And yes, the coral and floral pleated skirts are the same skirt in two colorways that I thrifted a month apart from each other ($2.99 each!). The white quilted vest is yet another in my collection of my favorite quilted vest (that I own in 6 colors; that's how great it is). The teal marl sweater is a nice lightweight cotton with a 3/4 sleeve that I think will transition to warmer weather well. And finally, this magnificent garment: it's a cowl neck semi-athletic-type knit top in a very denim-y color that operates like a denim/chambray neutral and can be worn with just about anything.

March Garments: #2 Navy & Beige, Darcy

Coral pleated skirt - thrifted, Target/Goodwill - XXL - $2.99 - 9/2018

Navy/coral floral pleated skirt - thrifted, Target/Goodwill - XXL - $2.99 - 2/2018

Light teal marl pullover sweater - Coldwater Creek - 2X - $14.97 - 7/2020

White quilted vest - Croft & Barrow/Kohls - 2X - $16.74 - 12/2019

Denim cowl neck knit top - thrifted, CJ Banks/Goodwill - 2X - $5.99 - 9/2019

For scarves, a neutral solid, an accent ombré, and prints in two different accent colors should give a good amount of variety. I could probably wear these navy ankle boots every other day from November through March (and usually into April), they are just that useful. I'm about 90% sure that I bought these earrings for Robot's mom's wedding a few years ago, and they provide a nice bit of understated bling to my every day wardrobe.

March Accessories: #2 Navy & Beige, Darcy

Navy scarf - Target - $12.00 - 12/2013

Bright aqua ombré scarf - thrifted, ThredUp - $3.59 - 5/2020

Aqua/green/white floral scarf - thrifted, ThredUp - $2.99 - 3/2019

Neon coral striped infinity scarf - thrifted, ThredUp - $4.79 - 5/2020

Clear crystal floral earrings - Baublebar?

Navy suede ankle boots - Seychelles/Zappos - $140.00 - 10/2014

We know the drill now, right? On to the outfit building! (Imagine navy tights with all of them.) Outfit #1 is so simple yet cheerful and bright, which is a nice vibe for March as Minnesotans are ready for spring but dressing for cold (or cold-ish) weather still.

March Outfit #1: #2 Navy & Beige, Darcy

Outfit #2 might seem a tad odd, combining a 3/4 sleeve sweater with a quilted vest, but I really don't worry about my wrists getting cold! I like how the white vest lightens the whole look.

March Outfit #2: #2 Navy & Beige, Darcy

Outfit #3 offers a choice of scarf options: the ombré scarf for a bold dash of color or the floral scarf for a bold bit of print mixing (or, as a non-bold option, you could go without a scarf). If the two floral prints in one outfit seem like too much (and I am sympathetic to this viewpoint; it's easier to mix prints of different design), I would try tying the scarf into a necklace to reduce the visual impact of it. That would disguise the floral-ness of it while leaving in those colors that work well with the skirt.

March Outfits #3 & 4: #2 Navy & Beige, Darcy

Let's take a look at three other ways I have worn this floral skirt. In this December outfit, I liked how well my trench coat mixed with the skirt that I took an outfit photo on the way out the door to work. The combination of this skirt, with the coral flowers, and the tall cognac boots is one you will no doubt be seeing again in the Darcy capsule.

December Outfit with a Navy Floral Skirt

This skirt is just SO EASY to pair with color. I like the repetition of the coral accent color in the necklace and ballet flats in this May outfit.

May Outfit with a Navy Floral Skirt

The last outfit has the most dramatic color combination of the three: bright yellow, a strong orange, and a softer blue, with the same sleeveless navy blouse as in the previous outfit. I got this blazer on sale from Jones New York in 2015, and I was excited about it because it was so bright and happy and a color I didn't already own (I know, I know). Of course, this orange really is NOT a great color for me to wear, especially near my face, so I didn't love it on me, and thus, I didn't wear it very many times: only 8! For a $25 blazer. Resulting in a cost per wear of over $3. Not good, but I did learn a lesson there.

June Outfit with a Navy Floral Skirt

The Darcy wardrobe continues to be a joy to me with its navy base and bright accent colors.

For the seasonal wardrobe matrix, recall that in each season, for each color category, I can mark what has been added each month:

x = solid piece

T = tonal piece (i.e., tonally works with this color though it is a different color)

O = ombré piece

P = print piece (not ombré)

Yes, look at all these colors! It's interesting how many aqua-based scarves are in this wardrobe but no primarily aqua garments. Perhaps this will change in the months to come.

Have you ever made a mistake purchase by getting over-excited about its shiny new different qualities and failing to think about how it would look on you or work with your wardrobe?

In my next post, we will look at the March additions for our third wardrobe: #3 Navy & Grey, Lily. More print skirts!

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