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6 Scarves 2021: Jan-Feb Recap, #3 Navy & Grey, Lily

For an introduction to the 6 Scarves 2021 project, see this post.

For a description of my method, see this post.

From the matrix, the dominance of navy/dark blue in the wardrobe is evident, but we see a smattering of pinks and blues as well.

x = solid piece

T = tonal piece (i.e., tonally works with this color though it is a different color)

O = ombré piece

P = print piece (not ombré)

Of course, the same navy-centric theme emerges from seeing the garments to date, but I like to see the nuances of color and the particulars of the print pieces in the garment collection.

Jan-Feb Garments: #3 Navy & Grey, Lily

The accessories are certainly adequate to the purpose, but I don't know...they seem a little skimpier than some of the other wardrobes. But as long as these options are mix-and-matchable, we will still be able to generate plenty of varied outfits for Lily's Sally.

Jan-Feb Accessories: #3 Navy & Grey, Lily

Reviewing our palette, I'm surprised by how many of the colors have made their way into the wardrobe in only two months. Navy, blue, and pink all make their appearance, and white and grey have snuck in just a bit. Purple is the color that is completely missing so far.

The plain navy pants are the essential backbone of this wardrobe, so let's begin by building additional outfits with it. As we've seen so many times already, the inclusion of a white T is an outfit multiplier. I like that the first two outfits treat the white as an integral part of the outfit, repeating the color elsewhere.

Jan-Feb Outfit #1: #3 Navy & Grey, Lily
Jan-Feb Outfit #2: #3 Navy & Grey, Lily

The February additions gave us a second variant on the navy/dark blue winter trio, this time with a quilted vest. (I can't help but notice that the silver detail on the floral scarf calls out for a silver bracelet instead of gold, but we work with the hand we've dealt ourselves.)

Jan-Feb Outfit #3: #3 Navy & Grey, Lily

Outfit #4 immediately looks so different from the previous outfits with the more generous inclusion of pink, but it's built on the same pants, vest, and shoes as the last two outfits! I have not internalized this lesson, but it's clear that with some basic neutral pieces, switching up the accent colors really makes a difference.

Jan-Feb Outfit #4: #3 Navy & Grey, Lily

Next are two new outfits with the navy plaid skirt and the tipped fleece blazer, which are a thoroughly pleasing pairing. In both of these, it's a navy-with-grey story that's being told, but the mix of textures and prints keep them interesting.

Jan-Feb Outfit #5: #3 Navy & Grey, Lily
Jan-Feb Outfit #6: #3 Navy & Grey, Lily

Finally, two outfits with the most colorful item in the wardrobe so far, the navy and pink floral skirt. In Outfit #7, I personally wouldn't hesitate to wear the navy bird scarf with this skirt; both are somewhat busy prints, but the colors are congruent and the bird scarf has a sparser print. However, the inclusion of the grey boots is not my favorite; this wardrobe needs some navy boots!

Jan-Feb Outfit #7: #3 Navy & Grey, Lily

Outfit #8 is my hands-down favorite with all its color! I love how there is a slight tension between the periwinkle blue shirt and magenta scarf that is resolved by both colors being in the skirt's print. And I like the look of the leopard print Oxfords here (assume a pair of navy tights); it's unexpected and just a little bit funky to see Oxfords with a skirt, especially a rather feminine one.

Jan-Feb Outfit #8: #3 Navy & Grey, Lily

Another month, another Mini Rex rabbit! Grace is a grey broken Mini Rex with the by-now-familiar grey coat broken up with areas of white. She is definitely sporting the "blanket" or "mantle" version of this pattern, as did the red broken Renee in the last post. Looking at Grace's lovely profile, you may wonder: does she have a double chin? No, that little pillow high on her chest is her dewlap, a secondary sex characteristic common (but not universal) on mature female rabbits. The purpose of the dewlap is to provide a pregnant rabbit with a nearby source of fur that she can pull out with her mouth and use to line her nest before her babies are born, so both mama and babies can be warm and comfortable.

February Rabbit for #3 Navy & Grey, Lily: Grey broken Mini Rex

Both of the bunnies in this group have dewlaps (which these profile pictures show to good effect)! Well that's an interesting coincidence. The Lilac rabbit is about 6-8 pounds, and the Mini Rex is about 4 pounds.

Jan-Feb Rabbits: #3 Navy & Grey, Lily

Do you ever wear skirts? What kind of shoes/boots do you prefer to wear with them? I know a lot of people think wearing flats with skirts is stubbifying to their legs, but I value my comfort more than I do the apparent length of my legs, so I just don't wear heels. That said, with bare legs, I do prefer to wear a low vamp shoe (one that cuts across the foot closer to the toes, like ballet flats) rather than one that either covers the top of the foot, like these Oxfords, or has a strap across it, like Mary Janes, with a skirt. However, I will wear any kind of flat shoe or boot with tights.

In my next post, we will look at the Jan-Feb recap and new rabbit for our fourth wardrobe: #4 Olive & Beige, Kiwi.

I am linking up with The Grey Brunette.



jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo
Apr 10, 2021

I have to say that I adore those oxfords. Talk about a great way to add sass to an outfit in a yin/yang way.

In reference to the gold bracelet but silver in the scarf, I really like the mix!! I still have a hard time mixing metals some days, but I'm really pushing myself that they can like each other, LOL!!! And the info about the bunnies?? I never knew!! OXOX Jodie

Apr 10, 2021
Replying to

With a lot of pieces you buy having a mix of metals in them, it feels like the time is right to experiment with it as much as we can!

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