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6 Scarves 2021: August Additions, #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

For an introduction to the 6 Scarves 2021 project, see this post.

For a description of my method, see this post.

Today we revisit this softest color palette and rabbit mascot with the last summer additions, many of which will transition wonderfully to fall. Let's get to it!

The new August items are going to be concentrated in the navy, white, and peach/salmon/coral segments of our color palette. First, three tops in a variety of fabrics, sleeve lengths, and styles.

August Tops: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

White button up tunic - CJ Banks - 3X - $10.04 - 7/2020

Sandstone coral tank - CJ Banks - 3X - $8.32 - 6/2020

Navy/white double striped 3/4 sleeve top - Lands End - 2X - $15.99 - 5/2019

Next, a polka dot blazer, a soft sandstone denim skirt, and a brighter salmon pink pair of ankle pants.

August Other Garments: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

Navy/white polka dot blazer - thrifted, Torrid - 3 - $7.00 - 2/2020

Light salmon pants - thrifted, Lane Bryant - 20W - $4.49 - 10/2018

Sandstone coral denim skirt - CJ Banks - 22 - $14.83 - 5/2020

This month's set of new accessories has a more random and disjointed feel compared to usual, so it will be interesting to see how well these items coordinate with the garment additions and the wardrobe overall. But on the upside, we do have variety here! Scarves ranging from watercolor flora to washed-out smoky fluidity to bright cartoon. Classic captoe flats and a delicate feather pendant. And beads...lots and lots of beads.

August Accessories: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

Navy/salmon pink floral scarf - Kohls - $11.17 - 5/2015

Pink pearl/gold hoops - made by me - summer 2021

Sandstone coral bead earrings - CJ Banks - ?

Grey/salmon Eiffel Tower scarf - thrifted/ThredUp - $3.59 - 5/2020

Silver feather pendant - JCP - $10.25 - 11/2015

Navy/dark blue multi-strand seed bead necklace - made by me - summer 2021

Very light salmon/clear seed bead endless strand - FMB - $0.38 - 7/2021

Navy/orange/aqua/black/white floral scarf - Target - $14.24 - 5/2015

Dark blue/pink/green/yellow/blue 4mm pearl mix seed bead bracelets - made by me - summer 2021

Ivory captoe flats - thrifted, Enzo Angiolini/ThredUp - $15.49 - 4/2020

Golden/sandstone 4mm glass pearl strand - made by me - summer 2021

White swag necklace - Kohls - $14.45 - 5/2015

And yes, the diaphanous grey and salmon scarf features an image of the Eiffel Tower on it, breaking with my typical decision to only wear French-themed items tongue firmly in cheek. I purchased it online from ThredUp (who shows scarves in the wrapped-to-wear position like I did above) and didn't realize it had this motif until I had it in hand, at which point I really didn't feel like paying a $2 restock fee on a $3.59 scarf...especially since the Eiffel Tower image is not at all obvious unless you lay the scarf out flat.

All right, let's see how these items go together into outfits for this late summer season. In Outfit #1, the salmon ankle pants and white tunic provide a bright, clear backdrop for some toned-down accessories that add a pleasantly soft and gentle feel, which is appropriate to the overall vibe of the Sophia wardrobe.

August Outfit #1: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

But pants in a cheerful bright color can also handle the more vibrant, optical print mix of a navy and white striped top with a bold multi-color cartoon floral print scarf. With an infinity scarf worn close around the neck as shown here, I often like to add a long pendant necklace underneath to add a vertical element to the look. Although this feather will not stand out against the stripes as much as, say, a big salmon-colored pendant, I think it's worth trying.

August Outfit #2: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

Outfit #3 uses the CJ Banks sandstone coral tank and denim skirt to make a column of color, then brings the look closer to fall with the addition of a classic-cut navy blazer made a bit more fun with the polka dot print. The navy bead necklace and/or the floral print scarf would work well here. I like these DIY earrings with a variety of pink-ish small glass pearls as an accompaniment especially to the scarf with its various pink-ish colors.

August Outfit #3: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

Finally, Outfit #4 is a bit of a wild card where accessories are concerned. The golden sandstone necklace strand and the seed bead bracelets each coordinate well with the denim skirt, but do they work together? The necklace is definitely more of a warm color, and the bracelets clearly lean cool, but I'm guessing that worn at the neck and wrist with some distance between, they would look fine. Confession: I made these bracelets to go with the pink/blue/yellow/green striped linen jacket that was added to this wardrobe in June and threw them in here with the other August additions to sneak them in before we fully transitioned to fall. So working them into an outfit from the garment additions this month is really just sort of a bonus.

August Outfit #4: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

The focal garment for this month is the sandstone coral denim skirt, which I will show in three pandemic WFH outfits of the day. In this June look, a striped top exactly like the navy one we saw above except in a bright blue colorway gets toned down a bit with the addition of a dark chambray blazer. The exuberant fish + stripes combination definitely makes me smile! I don't normally wear loafers with a skirt and bare legs, but the light gold color and pointy toe convinced me to give them a try...and I liked the result just fine.

June Outfit with Sandstone Skirt

I believe I shared this 3 piece layered necklace in one of my round-up posts, but here is the entire outfit. Very simple, right? And cool for a warm summer day with a breezy lightweight top, skirt, and flats. You know I'm a lover of "third piece" styling, but I figured the print top and trio of necklaces added enough interest to the look.

July Outfit with Sandstone Skirt

Here's a summery outfit from last September, consistent with the reality that my apartment's most excellent insulation keeps the indoor temperature elevated. Sometimes I just lean into this extended summer season, as I did here with the tropical bird peasant blouse, ocean blue ombré scarf, and super-fun blue striped knit flats.

September Outfit with Sandstone Skirt

Today's rabbit is Whitney the white Mini Lop! Whitney is an albino rabbit, what is called a "red-eyed white" (or REW) in rabbit fancier parlance. The C ("color") locus genetically controls the color saturation or pattern of color saturation in the rabbit's coat. There are a bunch of different versions of the gene, of which the most recessive one causes a pure white rabbit with pink/red eyes because all color pigment is suppressed in their eyes, skin, and fur. (The eyes look red/pink because we can see the color of the blood vessels.) As you might expect, albino rabbits are quite rare in the wild because (1) both parents must have the recessive "c" gene for their offspring to be albino and (2) the white coat makes a rabbit extremely visible to predators, which is not great for their life expectancy. However, I have found white rabbits to be quite common among pet rabbits...who are generally (1) bred intentionally with the parents' genetics in mind (any two albino rabbits will have 100% albino offspring) and (2) not subject to predation. Albino rabbits are perfectly healthy, they just don't have any pigment (so don't leave one out in the sun for a long time!), leaving us with beautiful snowy fluffs of rabbit like Whitney.

August Rabbit for #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia: White Mini Lop

I just noticed that all three of these outfits of the day feature an animal theme (though no bunnies this time). Do you like wearing "zoological" pieces?

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Sep 17, 2021

i don't have a lot of "zoological" animal print pieces but you wear them well! I do have a couple cute scarves with birds on them but I didn't really have a big scarf wearing winter this winter - it's shaping up to be a hot spring too so not sure I'll be able to make up for it now by adding some scarves to my spring outfits! Maybe next winter I'll be fully embracing scarves again as much as I used to :)

I love that last outfit on you especially!

I don't have a lot of peach or salmon tones in my wardrobe but you wear them well and you've made some lovely outfits with them!

Hope you…

Sep 18, 2021
Replying to

Perhaps the scarves that you didn't wear this winter will feel fresh and new to you next winter! Enjoy your weekend.

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