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3 Layered Necklaces: Neat, Complicated, and Messy Edition

Welcome to another round-up of three layered necklaces that I have worn as part of my outfit of the day this summer with discussion of how I put these necklaces together.

In this "neat" look, I first selected the mixed metal ring necklace because I liked how the metallic colors looked with the rust and brownish-olive in the print cardigan ($16.32 at Kohls, 11/2020). Then by coincidence, I picked the same faux pearl strand ($10.20 at Kohls, 12/2020) and long gold necklace ($20 at Kohls, 12/2014) as I have used before! But that's OK. There is no rule about not wearing the same layered necklace look repeatedly. In fact, when you are happy with how a look turns out, it's probably wise to make note of it for future use. (I just did.)


In this "complicated" look, I started with the mid-length indigo bead double-strand necklace that is the matching color to the T and utility vest from the same store ($11.23 at CJ Banks, 1/2021). Next I put on another necklace from that store that matches the colors in the pants I'm wearing ($5.39 at CJ Banks, 5/2020). To beef up the top of the look, I added a pearl necklace ($38.25 at Kohls, 11/2020) and a silver link necklace that's a hand-me-down from my mom (gift). At this point I wanted a shorter dangling piece, so I selected this coin pendant from a set of 4 silver layering necklaces to rest on top of the indigo bead necklace ($12.16 at Kohls, 12/2020).


Finally, the "messy" look of the set. I know that you keep seeing this cheetah blouse and orange/sandstone/gold multi-strand seed bead necklace (made by me, 5/2021). But these are my real-life outfits of the day, and there are certain combinations that I wear on repeat. However, today's cheetah is getting the neck mess treatment with some interesting layers. Next I chose the Slothlórien ($42 at Wolf & Badger, 6/2021) and the mixed metal floral necklaces ($10 at Kohls, 12/2014). I wasn't sure how I wanted to arrange them, so I put on the floral one to partly layer over the orange necklace at the bottom. I layered on the sloths and they happened to fall just over the bottom of the floral necklace. I liked how the overlapping elements gave this a somewhat effortless-looking vibe (that actually was fairly low in effort for once). The area above the orange necklace looked a bit bare so I put on the orange drop bead strand (made by me, 5/2021). Finally, for some verticality, I added two mixed metal pieces that happened have the same length of chain: the mixed-metal multi-chain necklace ($9 at CJ Banks, 1/2021) and the gold/silver palm pendant ($5.39 at CJ Banks, 2/2021).


Do you have a preference when it comes to neat, complicated, and messy layered necklace looks?

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