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3 Layered Necklaces: Alice Edition

Welcome to another round-up of three layered necklaces that I have worn as part of my outfit of the day recently with discussion of how I put these necklaces together.

To supplement my DIY silver paper clip chain necklace with hinged clasp holding a White Rabbit charm...

I made a gold version with an enamel Alice in Wonderland charm! The set of enamel Alice themed charms I purchased on Amazon had three Alices with blue, black, and pink dresses. Because the center clasp has a hinge, I can easily switch out the charm/pendant I want to wear on it on a given day.

DIY Gold Paperclip Chain with Hinged Clasp

For this mixed metals look, I started with the silver White Rabbit paperclip and the gold Alice paperclip necklaces. I selected the blue Alice dress to coordinate with the blue and navy elements of my top. They coordinate fairly well because of they share the same style/size of chain and have a similar hinged clasp, but by themselves, they still looked kind of random due to the different metals. To make the layering look intentional, I added two pieces that contain multiple metals: the ring necklace you have seen several times by now and a long multi-chain necklace necklace with blue beads that I purchased earlier this year from CJ Banks. The mixed metals now looked purposeful, and I liked that the blue accent was repeated from the Alice charm to the chain necklace.

OOTD 10/3/21

On what is probably this rabbit shirt's last wear of the season, I put together a very simple column of black under it with the idea of jazzing it up with a whole lot of necklace layers. I started with the DIY dark blue/periwinkle/silver multi-strand seed bead necklace to provide some bulk, and supplemented it with a few Fire Mountain Gems seed bead strands: a black/clear and blue/clear seed bead strands and set of 10 small grey/gunmetal/ivory strands. To bring out the white more, I included two strands that I'd made from some light gold chain with white beads. (That was the easiest DIY ever; I just cut the 50" chain into two lengths, one shorter and one longer, to make a little set. I like that the metal is somehow intermediate between silver and gold, so it blends in well with either one.) Then it was time for some pendants! Of course the silver White Rabbit paperclip chain necklace had to make an appearance, as did the silver/blue elephant pendant. In addition to these larger animal pieces, I put on three delicate pendants at the top of the layering. The faux grey pearl has a crystal bead cap that I always think looks like a claw. I put two small crystal pendants from my mother (a heart and a geometric shape) on a single chain, which I think looked nice. I declare this #neckmess a success!

OOTD 10/8/21

Finally, a more restrained but still whimsical 5-piece layered look that I wore this week with a simple black/olive floral print dress. I went with a gold/bronze theme, starting with the three bottom pieces: an owl clock pendant, the DIY Alice-in-black-dress necklace, and a charm necklace featuring birds and flowers. I wanted a beaded necklace that had some substance while not being too large, and this "muddy" brown/green/blue/tan necklace made by a friend fit the bill very well. I added the pearl/crystal bead necklace for overall lightness and to tie in with the white in the Alice necklace.

OOTD 10/12/21

With fall weather having arrived today (just on time; I always think of fall starting around October 15 in St Paul), it's time for me to start switching from necklaces to scarves as my go-to accessory option. That said, I do not doubt that layered necklaces will continue to make an appearance from time to time through fall. Winter...well, we'll see about that.

Are you in necklace mode right now? Scarf mode? Neither?

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