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OOTD: Style Imitating Art - Snow Shadows by Tom Thomson

The Snow Shadows painting for this week's SIA (Style Imitating Art) challenge got so many ideas going in my head that I put together 3 different outfits inspired by this work. My primary inspiration elements from the painting were:

--Stripes/lines, particular vertically ones

--Color palette of black, blue, cream, and gold

--Rounded snow

--Golden thatch-like leaves

Outfit #1 is the casual/weekend version, based on a dark column (black T + dark blue denim jeans) and a vertically striped denim vest with gold/cream accessories. This vest was the first piece I thought of when seeing the has a strong sense of verticality but the stripes are subtle rather than stark, which fit well with the thin tree trunks in the painting. The irregular pearls in the earrings reminded me of snow.

Outfit #1

Even though it's a Monday, I'm on vacation from work today so I tried out this outfit as my OOTD. It looks even better with my hair added to the mix! It's rare for me to wear double denim, but I usually feel comfortable combining blue denim with a different color, such as black denim.

OOTD 12/13/21

Outfit #2 is the winter workwear interpretation with horizontal stripes this time and the creamy-gold color appearing in the skirt and earrings. The blue denim jacket brings in the blue color from the snow shadows, and the pearl bracelet stands in for the snow. This silk scarf was a perfect captures the entire color palette and features both straight lines and wavy geometric elements that reflect the shapes in the painting.

Outfit #2

Of course the painting put me strongly in mind of this beige skirt with vertical stripes in black, navy, and mustard, so I put together Outfit #3 with warmer weather in mind. The layered necklace brings in the snow (pearls), overall color palette (clay beads), and golden thatch-y leaves (gold tassel).

Outfit #3

For my Rabbits Imitating Art selection, I wanted to really emphasize the thatch-y leaves so a Lionhead was the clear choice! Other elements of the photo also resonate well with the painting. The bars of the right side of the cage reflect the straight, sometimes slanted trunks of the trees. The vertical bars behind the rabbit match up with the pattern on the hill of snow at the left side of the painting. And the textured mat with wood chips strongly evokes the snow and shadows on the ground.

To see other outfit interpretations of the Snow Shadows painting, check out the round-up on Meadow Tree Style on Wednesday.

Is there an element from this painting that you find inspiring for your style?

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