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OOTD: Rust & Navy

Back in late September, I wrote in the Rust Color Combos: Navy & Grey post that navy/denim/dark blue is one of my favorite colors to wear with rust, and I shared several OOTD and some outfit ideas for combining these colors. This was one of those suggested outfits.

With sweater + quilted vest season in Minnesota at its height in January and February, and with me still working from home (so that canvas sneakers is not a silly notion given the weather), I decided it was time to turn this outfit idea into an outfit of the day. I think it translated from flat lay to real outfit quite well! The navy sweater and dark wash straight leg jeans made for a nice column of color topped with the rust vest and a colorful scarf. And the floral Keds repeated all the colors of the outfit.

OOTD 1/14/22

For jewelry, I wore the orange leather earrings and gold stretch bracelets in the original post, but did make one substitution: in place of the DIY seed bead bracelets, I wore these two recently-made DIY bracelets with 6mm and 8mm dull orange stone beads. Either the seed bead or stone bead set would work just fine here, but I chose to highlight these new creations in this outfit. It makes for a very simple bracelet stack, but I like how the dull orange complicates the whole orange/rust color story in the look. I'm increasingly attracted to the depth that multiple shades of a color in an outfit brings.

I don't think of either orange or rust as being "my" colors, but I thought they worked pretty well on me in this outfit. My skin is definitely pink, so I tend to wear colors with cool undertones most easily, but I have some warm-ish elements in my mostly golden hair and my mostly green eyes that make it harder to know what will look right. (When I read about personal color analysis, I usually get the sense that I clash with myself!) I think it helped that the orange/rust colors here are soft and muted rather than very clear and bright, which would probably be overpowering. I'm not planning on adding to the orange/rust part of my wardrobe, but I am glad to get use from the pieces I already own.

Is there a color that looks better on you than you think it would? Or one that seems like it should work very well but ends up disappointing you?

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