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OOTD: Ringing in the New Year with Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

My best friend, husband, and I have adopted the practice of exchanging "rabbit rabbit rabbit" greetings on the first day of each month for good luck. My husband and I say the words to each other first thing in the morning, and my friend and I text 3 rabbit images to each other. This is a superstition of uncertain origin that has been documented in children back to 1909 and that can take various alternative forms, such as "rabbits", "rabbit rabbit," "white rabbits" (Wikipedia). Regardless of the effects of this saying on the workings of the world at large, as a bunny lover, I enjoy invoking rabbits every chance I get.

With January 1 being not only the first day of the month, but the first day of the year...and with the Year of the Rabbit starting January 22, I thought I would double down on my "rabbit rabbit rabbit" by wearing a trio of rabbit-themed items in my outfit of the day.

(1) My cream blouse with dark green jackrabbits (30 Wears post);

(2) My pale blush pink sweater with two sweet rabbits (a high priority wear item for fall/winter);

(3) My DIY paperclip chain necklace with a White Rabbit pendant (how I made it).

I wore these rabbit-y pieces with my medium wash wide leg trouser jeans (fall outfit post) for a simple but bunnified New Year's Day outfit.

Striped shirt + trouser jeans - plus size outfit idea for women over 40
OOTD 1/1/23

Lest you worry that I have abandoned my necklace layering habit, have no fear - I added a pair of delicate silver tone necklaces (one plain chain, one with little dangling coin charms) above the shirt collar to accompany the White Rabbit.

Striped shirt + trouser jeans - plus size outfit idea for women over 40

My daily bracelet stack is all DIY pieces, starting with four bracelets I made specifically to coordinate with this sweater: the aloe-mint stone beads with the silver floral accent, the white/green/pink/wine floral tube paper beads, the pink quartz, and the pink striped bicone beads. I finished off the stack with a bracelet made from green and wine agate stone beads.

Floral blouse + sweater vest + trouser jeans - plus size outfit idea for women over 40

Inspired by the flowers embroidered on the rabbits' ears, I wore these pink crystal Edelweiss stud earrings that my mom gave me.

Pointy-toed loafers are one of my favorite shoe choices with wide leg jeans, so I selected these teal smoking flats that coordinated well with the dark green-teal color of the jackrabbits on my blouse. Repeating the color (or in this case, using a close cousin of the color) in the top and bottom halves of the outfit bookends the look and gives it intentionality.

Of course this post would not be complete without a rabbit photo! Here is a trio of bunnies exhibiting aspects of the Rabbit of the Chinese zodiac: fluidity (white broken), quietness (black), and contemplation (cinnamon).

Floral blouse + trouser jeans + cardigan - plus size outfit idea for women over 40

I know it's popular to choose a motivational word of the year to set your intentions, guide your thinking, and remind you of your focus for the year, so I have narrowed down my options for 2023 to two words...

Rabbits. Bunnies. (Hmmm, maybe I'll just use both of them.)

Have you heard of the "rabbit rabbit rabbit" (or its variants) tradition? Do you chose a word of the year? What's your word for 2023?

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