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6 Scarves 2021: Jan-Mar Recap, #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

For an introduction to the 6 Scarves 2021 project, see this post.

For a description of my method, see this post.

The winter matrix is getting very complicated now: a very good representation of navy, some grey, and a smattering of a bunch of other colors, mostly variants on blue and pink.

x = solid piece

T = tonal piece (i.e., tonally works with this color though it is a different color)

O = ombré piece

P = print piece (not ombré)

Despite the messiness of the matrix, this capsule has a strong, cohesive sensibility to my eye. Even where the specific shades clash and complicate the mix-and-match game (for example, the slate blue skirt on the second row down and the blue quilted vest on the third row down--yikes!), the overall feeling of the wardrobe works for me.

Jan-Mar Garments: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

As I look over the accessories, I'm quite pleased, but I'm also surprised--no pink scarf? Of course, several of the scarves contain pink, but I would have expected a solid pink scarf or a dominantly pink scarf by now. The color-blocked knit infinity scarf with the bright pink and burgundy sections is nice, but not quite what I'm thinking of. It will be interesting to see if a pink scarf enters the wardrobe later.

Jan-Mar Accessories: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

Remember this busy color palette? White, green, and soft coral are still missing from the capsule, and grey feels under-represented.

We all know the drill by now: develop new outfits that include each of the garments at least once. Outfit #1 takes our stereotypically spring-colored sweatshirt and bead necklace from the March additions to lighten up the navy skirt/tights/boots combo. (The sweatshirt and necklace seem like they are from the same store collection, but the sweatshirt is CJ Banks and the necklace is Loft.)

Jan-Mar Outfit #1: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

Outfit #2 is a colder-weather option that builds on the winter's navy base and adds this soft indigo utility vest that is almost a 12-month wonder (it's probably not warm enough for the height of Minnesota winter, and depending on how our August goes, it could be a layer too much there).

Jan-Mar Outfit #2: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

In Outfit #3, familiar garments are given a slightly different vibe with the addition of March accessories. I thought I'd experiment with pairing our navy/blue/pink pieces with the other wardrobe neutral. I mean, if grey's a neutral, it should work with most anything, right? I like the result quite a bit. I would definitely wear this with grey tights, so that in the overall look, grey is the primary neutral with pink and slate blue accent colors, then one item of navy as the secondary neutral.

Jan-Mar Outfit #3: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

Next we come to the versatile grey skinny pants. The first two outfits here pair them with pink, such a lovely combination of colors. In Outfit #4, grey and navy are mixed again with pale pink and soft blue accent colors. And of course the navy cardigan is not necessary to this look at all; on a warmer day, it could be set aside and the outfit still works.

Jan-Mar Outfit #4: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

Outfit #5 uses a range of deeper pink shades: dark dusky pink, burgundy, bright pink, and maroon. I'm liking this knit scarf more as time goes on; it can be worn with navy or grey (or both), and it gives a good punch of bolder color to a palette that is centered on soft and muted colors. Even if "bold" is not a watchword for this capsule, I think it's important to have a few atypical elements that can be used to mix things up stylistically.

Jan-Mar Outfit #5: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

Outfit #7 has a pleasingly cohesive color story here; the blue T and vest are greyed-out versions that go nicely with the grey pants. The blending theme continues with the shades of grey and blue in the earrings and ombré scarf. Again, I find the scarf to be the most dramatic piece in this outfit due to the higher contrast between the icy blue and the dark blue and grey sections.

Jan-Mar Outfit #6: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

Outfit #7 has a couple of my favorite things in it: (1) accent color pants, which are so fun and cheerful (and which, tragically, so many women seem to avoid due to the "bringing attention to the bottom half" phenomenon) and (2) an informal twin set. If I were going to build a minimalist wardrobe (Noooooooo!), an informal navy twin set for each season would be right up there on the list of Sally must-have items.

Jan-Mar Outfit #7: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

And finally, the pattern mix wonder that is Outfit #8. That striped sweater with that floral skirt, y'all. Is that amazing or what? This is a good time to throw on a couple of solid (but interestingly textured) pieces so as not to compete with the vision that is the stripe + floral combination. And hey, check it out--it's an outfit with no navy in it, which has been rare with this navy-dominated wardrobe so far.

Jan-Mar Outfit #8: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

Our last March Hare is this long-furred lovely: Wilma the Jersey Wooly! As you might have guessed, her wool comes from the recessive wool/Angora gene we learned about when meeting Francoise the French Angora. The Jersey Wooly breed was developed (in New Jersey) by crossing the French Angora with the Netherland Dwarf. (Nelly, the mascot for the Brown & Black wardrobe, is a Netherland Dwarf). The result is this small (3 pound) rabbit with a wooly coat. Do you notice that Wilma has an unusually square-looking head for a rabbit? That distinctive shape is the source of the breed's nickname, Mug Head.

March Rabbit for #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia: Jersey Wooly

Many types of rabbit fur are represented in this group: the Wooly's wooly fur, the Mini Rex's velvet fur, and the Harlequin's flyback fur. However much we may admire this fur, remember: Rabbit fur belongs on rabbits!

Jan-Feb Rabbits: #6 Grey & Navy, Sophia

To complete our round-up of March Hare Madness, I suppose I need to show you the other wild hair around here: my own. This is my hair as of February 26 (so not precisely March, but believe me, it's only getting longer and woolier as time goes on). It feels so strange to see my hair dark at the roots! But my hair has been exposed to the sun rarely since March 17, 2020, so the new growth is significantly darker than the rest of it that has been sun-bleached. The story of my life: I sunburn in a second, can't get a tan to save my life, and sun-bleach to a light yellow blonde with no effort and for free if I spend some time outdoors. Like many people, I am eager to get back to my hair colorist, which in my case is waiting right outside the door of my apartment building. I am glad that Sol makes time for me this way, given it is busy being responsible for almost all life on earth.

Has your hair been wild during the pandemic?

In my next post, we will move forward to spring to introduce the April additions to the #1 Black & Grey, Gina wardrobe!

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May 01, 2021

I love blue, it's my favourite colour, so I'm liking all the different shades of blue you've worked together into these outfits! I really like your hair too, so long! I'm trying to regrow mine so I can donate it again and it seems to be taking such a long time!

Thanks so much for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope that you are having good weekend. It's a wet long weekend here.

May 01, 2021
Replying to

Thanks for stopping by, Mica. Blue is one of my favorite colors also, and I definitely like all the varieties. It's cool that you donate your hair!

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