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3 Layered Necklaces: Coral, Red, and Rust Edition

Summer 2021 has been the Season of Layered Necklaces in my world. Long may this trend last!

I have really enjoyed looking at examples of layered necklaces / neck messes online and experimenting with various combinations of necklaces in my outfits. This has been a good time for trying different things out because I've been working from home, which means (1) I have time to tweak my layers if I need to because I'm not rushing to get out the door, and (2) I feel that I can take risks with my choices because nobody is here to judge (only Robot, who is usually some combination of oblivious and accepting when it comes to what I wear).

Through trial and error, I'm discovering what lengths and categories of pieces I like to wear together. This is very much a work in progress! But I can report a few findings:

--I generally select my centerpiece / hero / stand-out necklace first, then build around it.

--I usually concentrate the shorter necklaces in the area of bare skin above my top (such as this) rather than equally above and below the neckline (such as this) or mostly below the necklace (such as this). It just looks neater to me that way.

--I generally like my layered necklaces to include both (1) a long pendant necklace and (2) at least one shorter necklace with pieces that drop down--drop beads, charms, dangling bits (as found on a "swag necklace"), or a small pendant, for example. These drop elements add an extra bit of interest, and a long necklace provides a nice vertical line.

--When wearing a strand of pearls, I usually prefer them to be the top layer, closest to the face. I find pearls flattering in how they reflect light onto the face.

Of course, I don't present that list as "rules" about what you should or shouldn't do! (Even I don't follow them as rules.) Those are just some discoveries I've made about my own general preferences that I offer as ideas for your consideration.

Here's a round-up of three layered necklaces that I have worn as part of my outfit of the day this summer with discussion of how I put these necklaces together.

This necklace trio started with the middle necklace, an orange/black bead necklace with brass-tone lion charms ($10 at Goodwill, 12/2013). I am fond of clothing and accessories that feature images of animals, and it's fun to make one of these items the centerpiece of a look. I thought that the light orange and black colors worked well with the earthy colors that dominate the stripes. Playing off the brass lions, I next added this versatile ring necklace composed from a variety of metallics ($16.32 at Kohls, 11/2020). I like that it's a piece that makes an impact while also working well as a support player for statement necklaces. I purchased it because I thought that the palette of mixed metals would make it easy to blend multiple metallics together in a neck mess, and that has proven to be the case. To finish the look with a long pendant, I added the gold/silver palm necklace ($5.39 at CJ Banks, 2/2021) that was also specifically bought due to the mixed metals (and because I like flora as well as fauna).


For this Fourth of July look, I wanted to keep to a red, white, and silver theme in the necklaces. First I selected the red ribbon through chain necklace ($11.81 at Kohls, 6/2014) to sit in the center of the neck mess. Next I layered thin silver-tone chains (one with dangling coins) above and below it ($12.16 at Kohls, 12/2020). I wanted to balance the look with one shorter necklace and one long pendant style necklace. As often as not, a pearl necklace gets added to my layered necklaces, and this pearl + sparkly bead necklace brought in the white color and had a festive vibe ($38.25 at Kohls, 11/2020). This silver/grey/white tassel necklace ($5.39 at CJ Banks, 5/2020) was selected for its colorway, but I also like that it added some beads into the mix.


Contrary to my usual practice, this necklace trio doesn't include a long pendant necklace! Because I was wearing a scarf around my neck and loose down the front, I thought my outfit had sufficient vertical integrity and decided to concentrate on building a neck mess above the V neck of the print T. Of course, I started with the Slothlórien necklace as the centerpiece ($42.00 from Wolf & Badger, 6/2021). To provide the main bulk of the neck mess, I chose a multi-strand swag necklace in a variety of coral/peach/rust colors ($9.02 from Kohls, 6/2014) to partially layer under the sloth pendant. I like the look when a pendant is layered over a multi-strand necklace at the bottom this way. Finally, I added a strand of somewhat chunky faux pearl and light gold beads at the top to balance the sloths and repeat the white from the background of the T ($5.39 at Loft, 5/2020).


Do you have any layered necklace / neck mess preferences or ideas to share?

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Aug 15, 2021

Pinning this post, Sally!



Aug 14, 2021

I love that last look! :) And I really like the chain necklace with the ribbon threaded through it - you've made me remember a similar one I had but I'm not sure where I've put it now!

Thank you for joining the #WeekdayWearLinkup! Hope you are having a good weekend :) We spent some time at the park today, it was lovely.

Aug 14, 2021
Replying to

I like how the chain-and-ribbon necklace brings a different texture into the mix. I hope yours turns up for you!


Aug 13, 2021

These are great examples! I have tried this yet but I need to!

Aug 14, 2021
Replying to

It's definitely a fun way to get more wear out of your necklaces!


jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo
Aug 09, 2021

You and I are on the exact same page this week Sally!! I do think there is a lot of trial and error (as you'll see in my Thursday post). But that's how we learn.

And it's such a great way to wear the pieces we have!! I really love all of your examples!!! XOOX Jodie

Aug 10, 2021
Replying to

Looking forward to Thursday's post, Jodie!

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